Build your business with us

There are many opportunities to build your business with us. We can help with all of your training requirements by offering comprehensive bar, training, consultancy, and development packages for the hospitality industry.

EBS Business Services

Through 16 years of training bartenders venues and hotels have been benefiting from our popular hospitality training. The result is increased service and quality from day one. EBS creates better service through simple training techniques that ensure increased efficiency, higher product quality and happier staff through team building.

We offer everything from 3 hours drinks courses to 30 days management courses and we only do it exclusively for your needs – anywhere you would like.

If you are a business and would like to discuss partnerships and training with EBS please contact ebscommercial@barschool.net.

EBS Brand Partners

EBS is dominating the bar educational industry, with fourteen schools in eleven countries EBS is the biggest bartender school in the world. If you like to know more about EBS and how a potential partnership could work we would be happy to present the partnership opportunities to you. Please contact ebspartners@barschool.net for more information.

EBS Brand Partners

Co-operation with EBS offers a low cost unique opportunity to increase awareness of your portfolio and build brand loyalty among 3000-3500 new bartenders every year around the world. Your products can be utilised as examples of spirit categories in theory, tasting and practical workshops with information on production, unique characteristics and brand profile.

Products from your portfolio can also be featured in EBS student text books and all educational material, with focus on brand history, heritage, recipes and recommended serving methods, So your products will be at the top of these bartenders’ minds.