Our Courses

4-Week International Bartender Course

The 4-Week International Bartender Course is directed at bartending beginners and also existing bartenders who want to become first-rate professionals. The course has run for the past 16 years and is known as the best bartending programme in the world!


2-Day Mixology

The 2-Day Mixology is aimed at bartenders and former EBS students who want to fully enhance their knowledge about the marvellous world of mixology.


10-Day Advanced Bartending

The 10-Day Advanced Bartending is directed at former EBS students and bartenders with existing experience. This course teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to become a world-class bartender.


6-Day Advanced Flair

The 6-Day Advanced Flair is the world’s best flair programme; it provides students with the opportunity to learn amazing and advanced flair skills in a real life bar environment!

Instructor Academy

The Instructor Academy is where talented and experienced bartenders are trained to be EBS Instructors, otherwise known as the people with the best job in the world!

2-Day Working Flair

During the 2-Day Working Flair you’ll learn around 70 moves! You’ll be taught how to implement these exclusive flair skills into your bartending process by Vladymyr Buryanov, 3-time world flair champion!

5-Day Barista Course

The 5-Day Barista Course is the first of its kind within EBS. The course was created by the internationally recognised barista expert, Fabio Milani. The course does not require any previous experience, so all levels are welcome!

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