8 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

12th April 2017
8 Things That Annoy Your Bartender

Annoying your bartender is a subject that brings up many a different response. Most people will become annoyed at the sheer idea that bartenders have a right to be annoyed, others will get annoyed at the thing that is annoying.

Let’s just be nice to each other?

Here are 8 things you’re doing that might be annoying your bartender…

  1. Trying to negotiate the price

This isn’t how it works. When I say it’s £3.50, I don’t mean “it’s supposed to be £3.50, but give me your best offer”. I don’t make the prices. I don’t enforce them when it suits me. You’re being charged the same as everyone else. I’m sorry that you don’t like the price.

  1. Ripping up coasters, napkins, bottle labels, hopes and dreams

how to annoy bartender

Coasters and napkins cost the bar money. Bottle labels come free with the bottle. Hopes and dreams are once in a lifetime. Please don’t rip them apart and leave them on the table. Pretty please?

  1. Whistling, clicking fingers, shouting single syllable names and putting a bowl of water in front of them

To save time for the next occasion you come in, please purchase a dog whistle and use this to get our attention instead as you clearly think we’re part of the canine family.

  1. “It’s my birthday”

european bartender school
Picture the scene. You go into a clothes shop. You pick up a t-shirt and say “it’s my birthday. Can I have this for free?” You get the idea.

Is it your birthday? Want a great gift? How about travelling to one of our many schools?

  1. Calling them names

When you call your bartender things like “Stupid” or “Silly” you hurt their feelings. Bartenders are people too. You’re just being mean.

  1. “Is this your real job?”

Nope. By day I actually breed Shetland Ponies and take photos of them for my Instagram page. Thank you for asking.

Bartending IS a real job. Here’s how you become one

  1. “Make it strong, there’s a good tip in it for you”

If you can afford to tip me to make your drink “strong” then you can just pay for the extra alcohol you’ve had rather than making me a thief. That’s what you’re trying to do. You’re making me a thief. Stop it.

  1. Sexual Harassment

This goes to customers and bartenders alike. It’s not ok. Stop it. Stop doing it. Sexual harassment is not welcome in any industry. Go away.

So, how do you make sure you don’t end up annoying your bartender?

Treat them like the actual human beings they are. It’s as simple as that. Bartenders just want to be treated like members of the same species. Everyone is there for a good time, it doesn’t mean your manners need to disappear at the door. Let’s not give up on the world. It’s nice to be nice. P.S bartenders don’t actually get annoyed if you want to charge your phone.

Being a bartender is so much more fun than these examples suggest. Find out more about becoming one.



Kirsty is the Content Writer at EBS. In her free time, she likes sipping on Espresso Martinis, watching videos of funny dogs, and exploring the city. Originally from Scotland, she has spent many summers working and living in different European cities.