8 Alternative New Year’s Resolutions That Are Worth Keeping

11th January 2017
8 Alternative New Year’s Resolutions That Are Worth Keeping

With January slipping through our fingers, it’s more than likely that you’ve already made, and broken your New Year’s Resolutions. The truth is, that only 8% of people manage to stay true to their “New Year, New Me” promises. So how are your resolutions going?

Maybe you promised to only eat green vegetables for January, or maybe you committed to a year-long gym membership that you’re already regretting. Either way, these are hard goals to achieve.

At European Bartender School, we came up with a list of alternative New Year’s resolutions, so that you can reach your goals, and enjoy 2017 to the max (with a few cocktails along the way for good measure).

Travel somewhere new once a month


“Woah, I’m not made of money” you might be thinking, but take a deep breath. This is a really achievable goal in the 21st century. We have the world at our fingertips and air travel is getting cheaper by the day, so make the most of it!

How can you do this? We have a few top tips:

  • Use a flight comparison website e.g. Momondo, and play around with the dates and times of when you can go
  • Book flights at the right time, 8pm GMT on a Wednesday is the cheapest time to buy your tickets
  • There are always new apps coming out that make travel more accessible for everyone, have a go on Eighty Days, it will fire up your Wanderlust

Learn how to make your favourite cocktail


Whether it’s a Mojito or a Singapore Sling, learn how to make it, and make it right!

Make sure your kitchen is always stocked with the essential ingredients to prepare your poison, whether that be mint leaves, or a quality bottle of whiskey, make your day to day life taste a little bit better.


Find a secret bar


This year, explore everything that your hometown has to offer. Whether it’s a new underground bar or a speakeasy hidden behind a bakery door, make yourself the expert of your area. If where you live doesn’t have anything to offer, make a point of travelling to a bartending capital, how about exploring Manchester or Barcelona which are filled with secret bars for you to discover.

Start saving for summer


The festive period is notorious for draining everyone’s bank accounts, with gift buying and sale shopping taking a big chunk out of our paychecks, we’re all wondering how we’re going to be able to afford our summer holidays. Not to fear, 2017 has only just begun and there’s a lot of time to start saving.

  • Have a few nights in instead of nights out. How about a cocktail party at home with friends? Need some recipes? Check out our EBS Cocktail App, you can even test your friends on their cocktail knowledge!
  • Start putting money away every week into a piggy bank. Start out putting away €1 on week one, then on week two, put away €2, and continue… It’s called the 52 week saving challenge and you’ll end up with €1378 by the end of the year!
  • Get thrifty! Start shopping in second-hand shops and upcycle your furniture and clothing.
  • If you want some more money saving tips, check out this article we found

Start your own blog


We’re sure 2017 is a going to be a great year (it has to be better than 2016!), so why not take the opportunity of a new year to start a new blog? Channel your thoughts and ideas into an online site. It also serves as a diary for you so you can reflect on your year at the end!


Volunteer some time


Choose to give away some of your free time this year in order to help others, this is a great alternative New Year’s resolution, If you love animals, spend some time at the animal shelter every week. If you have a TEFL qualification, go and teach abroad for a few weeks. Pop into your local charity shop and see if they need any help. You can only become enriched by giving away time.

Treat your body well


It’s not just your bank account that takes a hit over December, your body takes a blow too. The solution isn’t detoxing, extreme dieting, or hitting up the gym twice a day, it’s much simpler than that, and much more achievable. Aim for something that you can actually do. Maybe that’s eating five fruit and veg a day, or just to eat less pizza!

Challenge yourself


Set a goal for the year. Something that’s going to be challenging, but not impossible. If you’re a bartender already, aim to compete this year. If not, aim to take a course and learn a new skill, or even change career.

Above all, aim to make 2017 your year!



Kirsty is the Content Writer at EBS. In her free time, she likes sipping on Espresso Martinis, watching videos of funny dogs, and exploring the city. Originally from Scotland, she has spent many summers working and living in different European cities.