Student life

Sydney combines big-city living with the laid-back Ozzy lifestyle. So naturally, a lot of activities will present themselves during your stay.

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EBS Activities

During your stay in Sydney, we will organize activities to make sure you have the best possible EBS experience. All activities are optional and to keep the costs of this course as low as possible, some outside activities can come with additional fees.


No visit to Australia is complete without at least having tried to surf! Taking the 1-day surf trip to the Royal National Park is an ideal way to make your acquaintance with this sport, as you will have teachers tutoring you through the basics, and plenty of time to work on your paddling, timing and finally…

Standing on your board as you ride in on your very first wave! Get out there and give it a try; there is a very good reason some people dedicate their lives to this sport – It’s addictive.

Party bus

Imagine going out for a serious night of clubbing, but this time around, you’ve got your own sexy driver. Well guess what? Jump aboard your very own nightclub on wheels, fully equipped with DJ, thumping sound system and lights.

You’ll bounce from bar to bar on this pimped out party bus with your EBS friends. Free drinks, at least four different locations and you’ll meet an unholy amount of people. We’re sending along a professional photographer as well, making sure you’ll remember this night when there’s a memory lapse.

Sydney nightlife

Sydney dishes up a serious nightlife experience, whether you’ve lived in Sydney all your life or you travelled from far away. Read up on the list of the 50 best bars in the world. Three of those are located in Sydney.

Let your instructors take you for a tour around the city and experience high-end clubbing in all of its facets. And thanks to a soothing climate, Sydney has a variety of open-air locations as well. Let’s do this!


The guys at Ultimate Paintball offer a variety of packages and scenarios, and you’ll be royally equipped. If you’ve never fired a semi-auto gun; this is your chance to unload a clip of paintballs on your best friends, as fast as your finger can pull the trigger. It is epic! Ladies will have custom body armor at their disposal, so there is nothing that keeps you from going homicidal on those guys in the other team. Paintball is awesome and a great stress reliever.

Biggest IMAX in the world

IMAX movies are on a whole different level when it comes to immersion, but the IMAX in Darling Harbour takes the cake. If you ever watch a 3D movie, make sure it is in this theatre, as the Darling Harbour IMAX is the biggest IMAX theatre in the world. With crystal clear images, ten times larger than the traditional cinema format the experience draws you in with pictures so real you want to touch them, so powerful you can feel them. And the sound system seems to be form another planet too.