our history

The history of the European Bartender School

European Bartender School originated from the Swedish hospitality industry. Designed by leading professionals, its goal was to provide premium Swedish venues with high-quality staff. Key element in creating great bartenders in a short period of time, proved to be our very special way of teaching both new- and experienced bartenders. Our education is gradually changing an industry with a unique training program that has become the basic foundation EBS teaching.

In 1999, the European Bartender School developed the world’s first independent bartender training program, widely considered our first step towards creating the world’s most popular education for bartenders.

The European bartender School has become an industry leader by creating a bartending school that focuses on having fun, making new friends and building a resistance against the typical professional pressure that comes with being a bartender in a well-visited venue. By consistently studying the profession, interviewing bar managers and staying in touch with venues in over 40 countries, the European Bartender School manages to renew the world’s leading bartender program.

Over almost two decennia, EBS has evolved into an international education- and travel concept. Bartending venues like hotels and resorts recognize the skill level of graduated EBS students, and eagerly use MatchStaff.com the world’s only truly global recruitment service for hospitality staff all over the world. Being able to hire multiple staff members with the exact same level of training saves employers time and money.

The European Bartender School prides itself in exceeding the expectations of its students, the expectation of the venues hiring our students and of course, our industry partners.

EBS Timeline

1999 The European Bartender School is founded in Sweden. Shortly thereafter EBS expands to a summer destination in Kos, Greece to offer Swedish students the possibility to graduate abroad.
2000 EBS opens its Stockholm school, quickly followed by the creation of a dedicated location for our first bartending school in Stockholm .
2001 EBS expands to a second Swedish City, Gothenburg.
2002 EBS opens in a third Swedish city, Malmo. With the rapid expansion of the company, offices are moved to Malmo as well.
2003 EBS moves beyond borders again and opens up a destination in Oslo, Norway.
2004 The rapid expansion of EBS means other language territories become more and more attractive, and the first UK school is opened in London.
2007 With an increased interest in EBS, a second summer destination is opened in Phuket, Thailand.
2009 Danish and International students can now reap the benefits of a Copenhagen-issued EBS certificate as well, with a new school in Copenhagen, Denmark.
2010 EBS opens a Helsinki school in Finland. This new Finnish school opens 11 years after EBS opened its first bartending school, making EBS officially the number one bartending school across Scandinavia.
2011 Familiar with the popularity of a gap-year amongst Europeans, EBS opens on another continent with its Sydney school in Australia.
2012 EBS Barcelona joins our ever-growing organisation, giving EBS students an additional destination to choose from, along with a first winter destination that same year, EBS Bad Gastein in Austria. Shortly thereafter, EBS Dublin is founded, giving EBS students access to a rich history of spirits and breweries.
2013 EBS continues to expand in the UK and opens a second bartending school in the city of Manchester, the unofficial capital of the north. That same year the Netherlands is added as a destination as well with a new school in vibrant Amsterdam.
2014 EBS makes the transatlantic jump by opening a first school on US soil with EBS New York. Towards the end of that year, EBS Amsterdam grows into a bigger venue and relocates to accommodate more students. Additional marketing & sales offices are founded in Barcelona, Spain as well.
2015 With more openings in Sunny Beach, Milan, Paris and Berlin, 2015 is our most ambitious year with expansion continuing into Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, the Caribbean and finally, a second school in the US in Las Vegas! Another unique project was started in Sydney, where EBS created its very own EBS hostel, catering to the needs of our students before-, during- and after their bartending course.
2016 EBS teamed up with Barschool Academy. An academy that is as old as EBS joined our longstanding family. Helping EBS to open two new schools #EBSMiami and #EBSMallorca. EBS establish a new school in the Spanish capital, Madrid! The new Madrid school arrived just in time for the cocktail culture boom in the city. This allowed Spaniards and internationals alike to enjoy Madrid’s remarkable food, magnificent architecture and unrivalled nightlife!EBS opens one of its biggest schools to date in the Italian capital of Rome! #EBSRome allows students to take in the city’s rich history, mouth-watering food and unbelievable nightlife. It was only right to equip #EBSRome with a dedicated barista room too!