Tom Dyer

board of education – ebs


Tom has been in the bar industry since he started working 14 years ago.  He has been bartending for almost 12 years and still loves it as if it was his first day on the job.  It was only when he started work at TGI Fridays and got that valuable training that his eyes were opened to the challenges and achievements that professional bartending can offer.

In August 2002 he won his first competition and was crowned the UK champion. Since then he has won it eleven times along with 70 other competitions around the world in over 50 countries. He is a multiple world champion and ranked among the top 5 flair bartenders in the world for the last 10 years.

With his status he is regularly asked to make appearances in bars across the globe, working the bar for one night only of for a weekend. Tom has trained over 1000 bartenders across the world and prides himself on his training techniques. He has performed seminars in flair, Mixology and bartending in over 25 different countries and is always asked back for extra training, a show or just as a guest.

Tom has been able to observe bartending in its glory and downfall from all different cultures, giving him vast knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. Some of his achievements include: living and working in Taiwan teaching bartending and flair, Flair shows and competitions to sometimes a 2000 strong crowd, TV appearances in over 10 countries (including a talk show in Bulgaria where he was the main attraction). Travelling through the Middle East with red bull training and performing flair shows. Organising the biggest fair tournament in the world with Skyy Vodka: The Skyy Global Flair Challenge. Being CO Founder of the World Flair Association, a global association dedicated to flair bartending around the globe.

On paper Tom’s status can seem somewhat intimidating. In reality Tom moulds himself into any professional or social environment and is happiest when sharing his passion. He is friendly and approachable individual with the natural ability to turn a stranger into a friend.

Tom Dyer

Tom is a world champion and has ranked Top five in the last seven years. He has won over 50 international competitions in 35 different countries around the world, visited talk shows in ten different countries, organized the world’s largest flair competition and so far trained over 1,000 bartenders.


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Johannes Kinch

Johannes is a 10-time Swedish champion in Flair and has also positioned himself as 3rd in two World Championships. He has worked at many of Stockholm’s hot spots and is well known in the industry.


Johannes is EBS lead instructor in Stockholm.


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Marian Beke

Marian Beke is a legend in the bar industry. He has taken home globally recognised awards and is recognised across the world as a leading innovator in the cocktail realm, his creativity behind the bar is limitless and has helped him build a greatly credited reputation.


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Björn Kjellberg

Björn Kjellberg is a world famous Tequila master and two times winner of Best Bar in Sweden with the bar he manages, Little Quarter (Bartenders’ Choice Awards). His knowledge of Tequila’s history is unchallenged by many and is always apparent in his work today.


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Our teachers go through extensive training delivered by the board of education and not only do they have years of experience in behind the bar. They also have learned from the best.


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The Board of Education is the back bone of EBS’ educational program. They provide and develop extensive training for the teachers and make sure the education is updated to the modern bar industry today. Only the very best of the world’s bartenders are selected to develop the EBS educational program, and over the past decade we have gathered together a team of the strongest talent from around the globe who have become part of the EBS family.


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