The European Bartender School is proud to announce that from 2015 on, the Advanced Bartender Course will now be hosted in the world’s cocktail capital – London. With our most senior instructors operating in the city, and some of the most elite cocktail bars right on the school’s doorstep, London provides the perfect setting.

Why you should join the Advanced Bartending Course

EBS Advanced Course teachers

Joining our crew in London means ten days of living, breathing and sleeping professional bartending. Have you done EBS’s International Bartending Course? Good! Are you an accomplished bartender with several years under your belt? Even better!

New cocktails

cocktail making with egg yolk

We will revisit cocktails from the International Bartender Curriculum and explore their different variations. We will look into new and delicateTiki-cocktails, which are very marketable for theme nights or promotional menus for your venue.

Seminars with industry experts

EBS cocktail seminar students taking notes

Industry experts and product specialists will make an appearance at your course, and these guys know more about spirits and their history than you will ever remember. Whether it is Tequila, infusion, mixology or high-end brandy – get prepared to be amazed. During the course we also visit several high-end cocktail bars in the city to see other professional at work.

Ice- carving and handling

carved ice

Never mind your regular ice bin, as we will look at the showmanship that advanced ice-handling technique will allow you to perform. You will learn carving and chopping techniques, along with throwing and shaking techniques allowing you to take your cocktail making skills to another level. Larger, heavy cubes melt slower and cylinders perfectly compliment your highballs. Creating proper spheres is an art of its own. Properly carved ice is essential to your skillset as an advanced bartender.

G.I.T. Advanced Bartending Certificate

Attaining our advanced bartending certificate is proof that you have mastered advanced skills surrounding “glass”, “ice” and “taste”, and you will be awarded our official certificate during graduation dinner.