After the well-read post on EBS Copenhagen and the reviews we got from their students, I have been looking into other people reviewing us recently as well. And it turns out there is an EBS Phuket review online as well. Attila Farkas is pretty much living the EBS life, traveling the world for almost a year now. Hailing from Canada, you can read all about his travels from March 21st 2013 on, but January this year, he made it out to EBS Phuket, and we would like to share some of his experiences here below. For the entire review and his blog, please click on his name.

“I First came across this school while looking for a job in Sydney Australia I thought to myself how cool would it be to learn how to be an exciting and fun bartender rather than a boring bartender that just pours your drink. So after a few months, I was working in ANZ Stadium as a bartender and EBS was still in the back of my mind.”

“I decided to do it and go for it. How often do you get a chance to travel to a distant land and learn how to be an amazing bartender? Now that I have decided to go I had to choose to go to EBS Sydney or EBS Phuket since I’ve already been living in Sydney and knew how expensive it would be. I chose to go to Thailand and try something new. Going to Thailand was something that was always on my mind and I’ve always wanted to go so this was a great opportunity. Finally getting to Phuket airport I met up with 2 of my classmates that would also be joining me for the month and we took a taxi from the airport to the school. This had to be the dodgiest taxi ride I’ve ever had, but we finally made it to the school!” (Note editor: EBS now offers a ride from the airport to the school in our very own EBS van.)

“The school was a big building where they had a lounge and classroom on the main floor and from floors one to nine it was all bedrooms for the students and teachers. On the top floor, there was the bar area and flair area. It was awesome it was so surreal being somewhere you’ve been looking at photos and videos of and finally being there was sweet as. I went into my room had a shower and relaxed for a bit before heading into town with some of my classmates.”

phuket buddha aerial view

“The first night was a lot of fun. We got to know each other and talked about what we thought was in store for us in the coming weeks. We all agreed to have an amazing time and take as much as we could from the experience. First day was just the basic intro to school where everything was how everything worked then we got our homework which was to learn the first 5 cocktails from our books which wasn’t too hard since it was basic rum and coke vodka orange so on so on. After class, most of us went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful beach. By the First weekend we were all friends and have done everything together up to this point from studying, eating to going to the beach together now this was our first weekend to go out and party together. We went to Bangla Road. If you know Bangla then you know this is no lie. How do I even explain Bangla Road… it’s basically a long street with 3 things Bars, Nightclubs, and Strippers among other things which I will get into a little later. Drinks are next to nothing, the most expensive drink is about 400 baht which is about $5-$6 and it’s in a little bucket. I have been around the world, I’ve partied everywhere and Bangla Road tops it not because they have the best nightclubs just that atmosphere and the people are so real and all they want to do is party.”

“Back to the story we went there for 9pm and the place was already booming we starting to get drinks and started dancing at 2am. A group of us went to the beach and just slept on the beach. We walked back to the school and went to bed. The next day I was one of the first people downstairs in the lounge and it was funny seeing people come down one by one. For the rest of the day we were recovering from Friday night then we went out again that night lol. None of us were ready for the monster that we call Bangla road but we would soon be able to conquer it in the coming weeks. The school days most of us just stayed in and studied during the night sometimes we watched movies or played games but most of us studied till the wee hours in the morning. The classes where always fun and the teachers knew their stuff so they made it easy but when we had lectures it just dragged on and all we wanted to do was go to the beach lol.”

“Our School day started at 9 am and finished 3 or 4ish but most days we had something going on from going to see the Big Buddha or going for a jungle tour on elephant back or just hanging by the pool. Learning to flair was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to EBS learning how to flip the bottle was amazing and I still use it to this day what I’ve learned and now I have even picked up more tricks. At the start it’s one of the hardest things to learn trust me your hands will get bruised and you’ll be cut at first but push through it and you’ll get the hang of it. The first time you land your first handstall you’ll be so stoked you just want to keep going. While there, we got to go to Phi Phi Island, that was an amazing trip we were there for only 2 days but it was amazing. Phi Phi Island has crystal clean water and while swimming I saw lots of tropical fish and even saw a stingray swimming under me. The nightlife at Phi Phi was amazing the beach parties were so crazy. Going to Phi Phi was one of the many high points.”

“Phuket has to be the craziest place I’ve ever been and I thought Amsterdam was crazy Amsterdam is somewhere you would take your mum to party but in Phuket Bangla Road it the craziest funniest place I’ve ever been…  You’re going to meet new people, you’ll make a lot of new friends and you’re going to have a great time. Going to EBS Phuket was one of the top adventures I have ever done, I had a blast and I know whoever goes will have just as much fun as I did.”