What usually follows a great night out, is a sore head the next morning! If the thought of a greasy fry-up doesn’t quite do it for you, then a morning pick-me-up might just be the answer to stop the party going on inside your head.

While the jury is still out as to whether you can cure a hangover or not, we’ll take our chances with some of these old, new and borrowed remedies.

From prickly fruit to fresh mountain water, and a warm cuppa to a shot of vitamin C, there’s some science to handling a hangover so read on for the best ways to recover from the night before.

Plain and Simple

lemon drink

If there’s one thing your weary body needs to bounce back from a night out on the town, it’s a good old-fashioned glass of water to rehydrate. We’re not just talking about any water though, we’re talking about Glacéau SmartWater. Made from British spring water, it’s vapour-distilled and infused with electrolytes for an added touch. Now for the science bit; electrolytes can aid fast rehydration by helping you retain more water. 

Mama’s Remedies

Lemon water

When you just want your Mum’s help and a little TLC, take this tried and tested simple concoction. Squeeze some lemon juice into a cup of warm water, this will help your body to be more alkaline and add a touch of ginger to help with the nausea. Simple to rustle up no matter how much your head is throbbing, this is every hangover sufferer’s best friend.


With its clever name and affordable price tag at £1.79, Overhang is one of the new kids on the hangover block! Overflowing with vitamin C (50% of your daily recommended amount), it can help reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as help to rehydrate. The key ingredients of orange, ginger and lime create a potent pick-me-up, while the added bonus of milk thistle can aid liver recovery. This restorative and revitalising drink promises to have you feeling back to normal in no time.

A Nice Cuppa

There’s something soothing about a warm mug of tea, like having a hug from the inside out! The clever people at Tea Huggers have taken this one step further with their ‘Hangover Help’ tea. Packed with herbs and spices, this delicious brew contains milk thistle to aid with a healthy liver, meadowsweet – a natural pain reliever and ginger – which can help with nausea; the perfect combination to bring you back to life.

Go Bananas!

To boost your potassium levels after a heavy night out, treat yourself to a banana smoothie. If the thought of reaching over to the blender seems like too much work, Innocent Smoothies have a delicious coconut, pineapple and banana smoothie, to take the strain off.

Prickly to Perky

Initial research suggests that taking prickly pear extract prior to drinking can reduce the risk of a hangover by half. While this might be too late for your pickled insides, it may be worth a shot, so to speak! Brought to you by Water Works, their humble cactus water is made from the super fruit and is loaded with antioxidants, to get you on the mend.

Hair of the Dog

As the old wives’ tale goes, this expression comes from the belief that a potion containing dog’s hair could cure rabies. We’ll stick to a Bloody Mary if that’s alright! The time-honoured tipple wasn’t just thrown together; the tomato juice perks up your potassium levels, while the spicy sauce and black pepper gives your body a slap in the face! Adding a shot of vodka for luck, it’s a trusted recovery strategy that many people swear by.

Only for the Brave…

And if all else fails, the classic egg in a glass trick has been well documented, dating back to the 30's. Not for the faint hearted, break an egg into a glass, ensuring the yolk remains whole. Add Worcestershire sauce (1 teaspoon), a dash of hot sauce and salt and pepper. Some like to add tomato juice or brandy to perk it up. Gulp in one hearty mouthful. Wait for results! 

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