Happy Bartender Appreciation Day!

Every 6th December we celebrate the people who spend hours on the other side of the bar, the people who make our world taste better. We celebrate the bartenders of the world of course!

Originally this day was created by Sailor Jerry Rum in 2014, and it has grown since its creation. To celebrate, we went to five of our favourite bars in Barcelona, to say thanks to the bartenders who give us nights to remember and drinks that we still dream of. We gave them balloons, cards, and a little goody bag filled with sweet treats to get them through their shifts.

So what can you do to celebrate this day?

  • Say thank you to your bartender for your drink
  • Leave a nice tip with a thank you note on the receipt – make them smile!
  • Put your phone away and actually engage with the person in front of you – make eye contact!
  • Wait your turn at the bar
  • If you have any candies, they’re always appreciated…
  • Offer to buy your bartender a drink

bartender smiling pour girls

Things not to do on this day...

  • Order a beer that you once tried on a beach in Thailand, if only you could remember the name….
  • Complain that your bartender didn’t make the drink within one minute – you even gave them a countdown?!
  • Throw money at the bartender. Make it rain another day, please
  • Bring your maracas to the bar to get their attention
  • Get drunk and throw out all of your worst chat up lines
  • Order a Fuzzy Woojito or a South London Sling

Have a great Bartender Appreciation Day and if you’re a bartender yourself, have a drink for us, we’ll try and visit you next year with balloons and treats!

A huge thank you to all of our favourite bars in Barcelona for serving us our favourite drinks whenever we wander in:

Pax 49


Creps al Born