In order for you to become a bartender, you’ll need to take a bartending course, choose where you want to work, make your CV shine, and get climbing the bartending career ladder. Follow our guide on how to become a bartender and trust us – you’ll become one of the best.

bar course

1 – Take a Bartender Course

Bartending is no walk in the park, and it takes a lot of time and effort to master. To become a bartender you need to hone in your skills. You might be sociable, a quick learner, and have a bunch of work experience, but without a bartending course behind you, you’ll find it hard to become a bartender in the bar of your dreams.

By taking a bar course you will learn all the necessary skills to be comfortable and confident behind the bar. You’ll learn how to free pour multiple drinks at the same time, how to entertain your customers with flair, and how to prepare drinks under pressure. As well as all this, you’ll come away with a certificate that will help you to become a bartender, as well as a whole menu of international drinks that will be memorised.

2 – Choose Where and When You Want to Work

With your certificate in hand, you’re well and truly on your way to becoming a bartender. So where do you want to work? We’re not talking about which bar you have in mind, you need to think on a global scale, and a larger timeframe.

Maybe you want to work a winter season in the Alps, or maybe you’re more of a beach bum who’s drawn to the summer resorts. When you become a bartender, the world becomes your oyster, so embrace the flexibility that comes with the profession.

3 – Get Your CV to Stand Out

Employers see tons of CV's, so how do you make yours stand out? We got some top tips from EBS MatchStaff on this one, the job hunting platform exclusively for EBS graduates…

  • Keep it professional, leave any drunk holiday pictures off this one
  • List your skills
  • Add some personality, make your CV stand out
  • Put your previous experience in, but make sure it’s relevant
  • Make sure it’s to the point and keep it on one page

4 – Job-hunt on and Off the Streets

Jobs are advertised online more often these days but don’t be afraid to go into bars and ask if you can drop in a CV. Make sure you’re dressed professionally, you want to become a bartender, not a sports coach. Come across as friendly and with a positive attitude, but don’t be cocky. A great first impression goes a long way on your journey to becoming a bartender.

“Your attitude is the first thing that employers notice about you, so make sure it’s a good one. Be polite, be courteous and be friendly.”Steven, EBS MatchStaff Content Writer

5 – Work Your Way Up

Great, you’ve got a job and you’re finally getting to show off your skills! To keep climbing the bartending ladder you need to keep those skills fresh and show that you’re the best. Make sure your skills are sharp, they do say that practice makes perfect so try to free pour to an even more exact measurement or practice your shaking technique after hours. Those who practice each individual step in their drink-making process go on to become bartender superstars in the industry.

bar flair course

6 – Go Back to School

Bartending is a skilled profession, which requires non-stop learning as trends change. To become a bartender who really knows what they’re doing, you’ll need to keep training as you work. Consider taking a course in working flair or taking a mixology course so that you can offer your customers the best experience possible.

I’m ready to rise up and become a bartender!