Were you always interested in bartending?

Being a bartender has always had a certain attraction to me. In France, there’s not too many places where you can see professional bartending in all its glory. I’ve had the opportunity to travel though, which allowed me to witness high-level bartending on several occasions and those were my defining moments.

Why did you decide to do a bartender course?

I’ve got a serious Facebook habit, and when I stumbled across an advertisement mentioning an education by the European Bartender School I clicked straight away. It pretty much looked exactly like what I had wanted to do all along, so I quit my job and went for it.

Was your level of English a problem during the course?

Coming to Kos, I quickly learned that my English was far from good and I remember panicking a little at the time. The instructors and other students didn’t think it was a big deal and even helped me to improve my English skills considerably. Today I consider myself sort-off bilingual and the European Bartender School played a big part in that. I use my English every day now on the job.

In terms of bartending, what was the most valuable thing you learnt?

Between the language barrier, a whole new world and a demanding schedule, I consider the course a personal achievement. The instructors put us right in the middle of the action and in one month, I learned close to 80 cocktails! Today, being able to create four different cocktails without messing up quantities is the most valuable skill I learned.

On a personal note, what did you get out of the course?

I had one of the best times of my life! I got to know some amazing people, we were all there for the same thing – bartending and having a great time. I was able to come to terms with my shyness and my fear of the unknown. Today, neither one poses a problem. I really got a lot out of this course and I’d like to thank everyone from my course for that.

Are you in touch with your fellow bartender graduates?


All the time. Through Facebook or Instagram everyone knows what everyone is up to, and we like to reminisce about our time in Kos. I expect to see them again, preferably behind a bar somewhere! A lot of us met up right after Kos and some very strong bonds developed.

Did you travel anywhere after receiving your European Bartender School certificate?

Right after Kos I flew to Miami with Isabel, another student from my course who I consider one of my best friends by now. We spent a month out there together, ran a few shifts in bars and we had a great time.

We were going to go to the Seychelles but right before we left she discovered a beautiful thing in her life. Being a pregnant bartender on an exotic island somewhere is far from ideal, so I left on my own. I talk to her every day though.

You are working on one of the last few paradises on earth; how did you find a bartender job on the Seychelles?

island seychelles

I found the position on the internet, it’s the easiest way these days to find something, especially in our industry.

We learned you got promoted to bar manager recently. Do you feel your education with the European Bartender School had a part in your promotion?

Absolutely! Without the course I would never have found the courage to apply for this bartender job. In my current position, I had to learn things I didn’t necessary learn at the European Bartender School like keeping stocks and inventory. But in terms of recipes, garnish and service, I am on point. I got all the basics covered and my customers appreciate quality.

How long do you think you will be working on the Seychelles? What’s your next move?

I am currently on a one-year contract here at Fregate, and I am planning to travel some more after that. South America is slowly pulling me in, so I’ll be looking for a job there in a few months. Planning ahead is going to be essential.

Do you have a professional goal you’d like to share with us?

Eventually, I want to be Food & Beverage manager. But being the bar manager in a venue like this with just 25 years already feels like a huge accomplishment.