European Bartender School’s unique concept and insisting focus on international trends, quality, knowledge, technique, sales and service ensure the new bartenders jobs and attract the best of sponsors – even in times of crisis.

There are plenty of bartender schools in this world, but none of them offers the same as us”, says Carsten Hansen, one of the managing partners of European Bartender School that was founded many years ago in Sweden.

European Bartender School really is unique. Not only does the school combine education and travel, but the professional level of the 4 week long education is so high that the courses offered have been acknowledged as a registered 'state supported education' in some countries such as i.e. Denmark.

Today the school is represented in 16 countries – primarily in Europe – and educates 3.500 – 4.000 new bartenders every year. Despite the international crisis the bartenders from European Bartender School are almost guaranteed to get a job once they have their diploma.

bartender double shake

There is increasing demand for skilled bartenders. In the old days – and not that many years ago – even the most fashionable restaurants and cocktail bars trained their own bartenders. This required costly time from more experienced colleagues and represented the risk that the upcoming bartenders would serve a drink or cocktail far from perfect. However, today many of the best international restaurants and bars acknowledge the importance of having skilled personnel behind the bar from day one. A perfectly balanced drink or cocktail calls for additional sales, so an experienced bartender behind the bar may represent the difference between economic success and failure. This is why the bartenders from European Bartender School are almost guaranteed to find a job afterwards. By hiring them the bar manager is guaranteed a colleague with a broad knowledge within the bartending field as well as within the field of sales and service that is so crucial to the revenue. This last bit is a very important detail”, states Carsten Hansen.

However, there is another upside to the high standards of European Bartender School. It attracts the best sponsors.

We support high skills

One of the brands that sponsor European Bartender School is Rose’s Cordial Mixer®. Jakob Vallentin, European Export Manager in the Danish wine and spirits company Hans Just A/S and responsible for the international sales of Rose’s Cordial Mixer®, explains:

For a brand like Rose’s Cordial Mixer® it is obvious to support the European Bartender School, because they set so high standards. Rose’s Cordial Mixer® is the world’s largest quality mixer brand with a wide range of flavours adding perfect balance, precision and taste to almost any drink or cocktail – also during the busy primetime hours. It is important to us that bartenders are acquainted with Rose’s Cordial Mixer® and understand how the brand differs from other brands on the mixers’ market. Using a top quality mixer is crucial, simply because it adds the best natural flavour and taste to a drink or cocktail. The customers can tell the difference. But skilled bartenders are not only in the interest of the customers, they are also of utmost importance to all the companies behind the bartending industry”, says Jakob Vallentin.

However, sales is not the only reason for the sponsorship: “As the world’s largest quality mixer, we find it natural that Rose’s Cordial Mixer® takes part in the responsibility of training bartenders. Bartending requires great skills within so many different fields, and by supporting the European Bartender School, I hope that Rose’s Cordial Mixer® will contribute to a worldwide higher recognition of the bartending field, which for obvious reasons deserves the same recognition and governmental subsidy as other service fields such as i.e. sommeliers and chefs.”

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According to Carsten Hansen not any brand is qualified to become sponsor of the European Bartender School.

We put a lot of effort into offering our students the best possible bartender education and this ambition must be reflected in the products that we teach them to use. If we want to make sure that our bartenders live up to the increasing demands and tendencies within the bartending field, we must continuously prioritise quality to all aspects of the education. Thus, we were very happy, when Rose’s Cordial Mixer® entered into a sponsorship agreement with us last year, because – as all professional bartenders know – Rose’s Cordial Mixer® is the perfect supplement to a wide range of drinks and cocktails.”

Excellent carrier opportunities

Already today a bartender from the European Bartender School is almost certain to find a job, but very soon the school’s graduates will get further support in finding jobs – no matter which country they would like to work in.

This summer we are launching a European Bartender School job database; where employers and employees can meet. This opportunity will make it even easier for our new bartenders to find a job, wherever they would like to go in the world. One of the great advantages about international bartending is that it is a field that you can take with you everywhere. By launching we support this opportunity”, says Carsten Hansen.