Norway Is the Place to Make Very Good Money

Swedes are moving to neighbouring Norway in big numbers and they’re making very good money there…but why is this happening? Let us explain:

“When I was young, Swedes had whiter teeth, clearer skin, Abba and Bjorn Borg. We had lots of fish, and not much more” – Norwegian professor, Thomas Hylland Eriksen

But it seems the tables have now turned, as Swedes flock to Norway to find work. Those that travel to Norway are 18 to 25, and are prepared to work hard. Mikael Svensson, a Swede who recruits for the staffing company Adecco, adds that Swedes are very popular among Norwegian employers.

Double the Pay for the Same Work

Many, like Jenny Eriksson, pack food in warehouses. Others, like Sofia Falk, and Pernilla Bergstrom, work in the restaurant industry. Both admit that they were drawn to Norway for the money, which is close to double the pay they’d receive in Sweden. Some use it to pay for their studies in Sweden, while others plan to travel the world.

So now we know that Swedes can make very good money in Norway. And here’s the kicker: qualified workers can easily earn more than double in positions where their specific skill is required. Accomplished bartenders are in high demand in the Norwegian food and beverage industry which is great news for you. Do you want to get in on this and make very good money? Don’t worry, European Bartender School provides all the training you need to make sure you’re head and shoulders above the competition.

So here’s what you do; you pack your bags and head to Norway and take our 4-Week Course at EBS Oslo (or one of our 25 other destinations). All the training you receive will give you an edge over other bartenders looking for similar well-paid jobs. Not only is European Bartender School the only recognised school within the industry, EBS also issues official certification after your course.

Oslo School

Since Norwegian restaurants and bars will regularly contact EBS Oslo directly for staff, we figure we are doing something right. Also note that within Oslo and its surroundings, our instructors and managers are well-connected to the local bar scene:

“We have some very good contacts in the bar and restaurant industry throughout Norway, and we often manage to land our graduating students a job. Swedes have a really good reputation here in Norway”  Instructor at EBS Oslo, Steinar Jensen.

40.000€ PER YEAR
What you take home will depend on your working hours and how good you are, a salary of around 40.000€ with tips is not unusual.

“It is true that good bartenders in Norway make very good money and in many cases it’s extremely good. But as in any industry, this requires both contacts and training, which we provide here at EBS Oslo”  Instructor at EBS Oslo, Steinar Jensen.

Sound appealing? Start your bartending/money-making adventure here