Where you want to become an International Bartender is often very much a choice depending on your preferences. What else do you want to see? What kind of experience are you looking for outside the Bartending classes? The European Bartender School offers a unique variety of experiences, spread out over four continents.

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If you are looking for a destination that is great in terms of bartending however, Sydney deserves a very close look. There are several reasons that make Australia, and Sydney in particular an attractive option for a bartender from overseas. Read all about why Sydney is an incredible destination to become a bartender:

High income

You might have already heard from traveling friends that there is a wide availability of jobs in Australia when you are traveling the country. The ugly truth however, is that most of those jobs are not very well paid. Working on an ostrich farm or a call-centre is a quick fix, yes. But the real money lies in the sectors where you need to be qualified. And Sydney has a world-class nightlife sector:

Sydney’s luxury bars

Sydney’s top-end bars are consistently voted into the world’s top ten bar lists by the bartending industry and leading hospitality magazines. This makes Sydney one of the cocktail capitals, separating beer-tapping bartenders from the professional cocktail bartenders. The work they do is very different, and this is reflected in their salary AND tips. And the best thing is, foreigners don’t pay taxes:

Tax exemption under working holiday visa 

Foreigners who come to Australia for the typical “gap-year” apply for the working holiday visa. It’s tailor made for you as it applies to 18 to 30-year olds, and meeting the requirements is easy. Get a tax file number after you arrive, and you are all set for your taxes refund. Maybe you were already planning to save some money, but this procedure definitely helps once you’ve done your twelve months and you fly home with a thick wallet filled with tax refunds.

Australia caters to travelers

Living the gap-year has been a tradition for some time now, and as a result, an entire infrastructure of hostels, shared apartments, car rentals and other services have evolved, all aimed at making the life of the traveling bartender as easy as possible. With the enormous popularity of the “great Ocean road”, there are countless spots to buy and sell a car to travel up and down the east coast. I’ve even met guys who managed to make a profit once they sold the car they used for their coastal trips (Adriaan, I know you are out there somewhere!).

sydney bondi beach waves

Legendary Bondi Beach

An incredible continent

Completing the International Bartender course in Australia prepares you very well for an extended stay in Sydney and beyond, as you will have time to develop your local contacts over the 4-week period you will spend with EBS, and finding employment in the bars in and around Sydney is no problem at all. It beats picking fruits both in terms of effort and salary by a mile, and who knows what other opportunities you will come across as you meet hundreds of people every week.