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What will your life in Las Vegas be like?

No other city in the world embraces professional bartending more than Las Vegas. You’ll visit the world’s most extravagant bars and clubs, place a bet in Caesars Palace, and catch your favourite DJ perform live. You may also talk yourself into experiencing adrenaline rushes such as dune buggying across the desert or for real thrillseekers, the X-Scream ride that is 866 feet above the ground. Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground.

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The EBS Las Vegas School

The school is located just off Tropicana Avenue, which is one of the major roads in Vegas as it leads directly to the Las Vegas strip. You can jump on a bus that passes by the school and ride it just 2.5 miles down the road to the world’s most famous street!

The school boasts its own barista set up where you can grab a perfectly-made espresso or cappuccino before class. There is also a small kitchen and dining area where you can prepare lunch and eat with the other students. Want to grab lunch nearby? There are a lot of restaurants and bars within a couple of minutes walk of the school.

Hammock and pool in Las Vegas EBS Accommodation


During your time with EBS Las Vegas, you’ll stay in a luxurious pad, created exclusively for EBS students, located just 5 minutes away from the bartender school. Situated in the Royal Crest Rancheros neighbourhood, the accommodation is a huge, detached house which offers everything you need to live the American dream!

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

To stay in-line with current Covid-19 restrictions, we might need to temporarily pause or adjust some of these activities.

Gaze in astonishment at one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders.

Check out one of America’s hippest cities, stroll along Santa Monica Beach or spot a movie star along Hollywood Boulevard.

Go paddleboarding on Lake Las Vegas and Hoover Dam. Available from March until November.

Feel the heat near the border of Nevada and California – one of the hottest places on earth!

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