So, you want to work a summer season abroad? Great decision! You’ve chosen where, you know what you want to do, and you’re ready to book your flight. But wait, you don’t quite know it all yet… That’s where we come in. We’ve put together our list of the 7 things that you need to know before you jet off.

So, What Happens During Your Summer Season Abroad?
Friends on phones at beach

In your home country, Wi-Fi and 3G are a given. That all changes the minute you step off the plane to work a season, and your phone connects to a network you can’t pronounce and you’re charged 5 times as much for every MB of data you use.

Your multiple Facebook checks will become a weekly thing, and every time that you connect to Wi-Fi, you’ll think your phone might explode with emails and Whatsapp messages. Don’t panic! By mid-season, you’ll know exactly where to get back online and let your family know you’re still alive.

Top tip: Get a local SIM card, you’ll save money in the long-run

Suncream Is A Valid Currency
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Yes, euros and dollars are needed to actually survive, but a true season worker knows the value of a bottle of Nivea suncream, and can bargain with it to get exactly what they need. It’s not just suncream that you can bargain with, you can haggle with your friends with pretty much anything from your home country.

A box of teabags will be worth so much more than the £2 you paid for it back home, someone will do your washing for a week for that refreshing taste of PGs.

Sleep Becomes A Distant Memory

Hard work
When you work abroad, you’ll find yourself in a situation where everyone around you seems to be on holiday. They’ll want cosmopolitans until the early hours, new sheets at midnight, or a flight home one day after arriving, and you’ll be the one that they go to.

You’ll get into a weird routine where a 3 am – 11 pm shift seems completely normal. At home, you’re used to getting up after midday and you love your weekends, but abroad, your body will weirdly adapt to 6 a day working week that is topped up with energy drinks, never mind the nights out after work…

You Won’t Come Back Fluent
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People think that because you’re spending summer season abroad, you’ll return completely fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting. You’ll know how to order coffees/beers and ask where the bus stop is etc., but in between work, sun and play, it’s going to be super hard to learn a language, especially when you’ll probably be working with people who speak your language!

Unless you indulge in some summer loving with a local, you’re going to need to invest in some language lessons when you get home.

Top tip: Buy a pocket phrasebook before you go for those “lost in translation” moments

Friends Will Become Your Foreign Family

Moving away from home is a big thing, and for some, it’ll be the first time you’ll have been away from all comforts. One of the best things about working a summer season abroad is that you end up with a great network of friends who you end up spending almost every day with.

After two weeks you’ll feel like you’ve known them your whole life. Friends who work a season together, stay together.

It’s Not All Parties And Sunshine

It’s hard work, long days, and lots of late nights, not just at work! All of this will catch up with you eventually, and you’ll need some time to recover.

Most people stick it out and end up working multiple seasons because they fall in love with the lifestyle, others don’t make the cut. Like we said before, as long as you throw yourself into it with your new friends you’ll survive.

Top tip: Remember to give yourself some alone time, you will need it!

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You’ll Leave A Piece Of You Behind That Summer

When September rears its head and the last flights leave the resort, it’ll mean that your first summer season abroad is over. That flight that you found so hard to get on in the beginning, will become something that you’ll dread to return on. You’ll find yourself having two homes, the one where you spent all your life, and the one you spent summer in.

Going back home can sometimes be the hardest part of working a summer season abroad. Yes, getting back into your pyjamas and watching Netflix in the day is great, but the normality can be the hardest thing to deal with. The thing that will keep you going? The thought of finding a job for the next summer, and doing it all again!

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