Wanderlust has completely taken over a large majority of people and it’s easy to see why. But, what if you want to do more than just travel?

Luke Wilson is one of these people, and as you can tell from the video above, he found European Bartender School to be the answer.

Read on to discover his story and find out how you can have the same experience in any of our 25+ schools worldwide.

Get more out of your travels

Luke Wilson is from the west of Auckland, New Zealand but calls Perth, Australia his home. He is a wannabe bartender who dreams of travelling and working around the globe. Luke knew that he didn’t want to just travel to Asia, and that’s why he took our International Bartender Course.

“I’m actually here because I wanted more. And that’s why I took up a bartender course.”

We followed him (with his permission) during his adventure in Phuket, Thailand and the result was a philosophical, inspirational, and all together epic video.

Same experience everywhere

Our video depicts Luke’s experience in Phuket, yet again, you can actually have the same mix of a first-class bartender education and a life-changing social experience in any of our schools. Whether it be in London, Berlin, Dublin, Las Vegas, or anywhere else.

phuket view

We say the “same experience” to a certain extent, if you go to EBS Amsterdam it’s highly unlikely that you’ll end up visiting an elephant sanctuary, but hey, you never know.

What we can assure you is that no matter which school you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience; and a lot of that will be thanks to the people you meet. On the first day, most people are shy, however, after an ice breaker and few cocktails later on in the night, everyone comes out of their shell. You’ll then realise that your course mates are similar to you, they are young and passionate about bartending, travelling, and having fun. In the words of Luke:

“It really doesn’t matter where you are, it’s really more important who you’re with”

As time passes and you discover your new destination together, you’ll realise that the strangers you met on day one actually feel like family now. And what’s the beauty of having an international family? There’s always a sofa for you to crash on no matter where you travel.

Get insider insights

Another way that you’ll get more of our your travels by taking an EBS bartender course is that you’ll be in constant contact with your instructors. They know the best of everything in your destination and can let you in on things to do that the average tourist would certainly miss out on.

So, you’ll end up in the most authentic restaurants, get the best views of the city, and go to that secret bar which the locals don’t even know about. You won’t live like a local, you’ll live better than a local.

Be prepared for any bar

All of our schools are built for bartender training and only feature professional equipment. Despite this, they are all unique in their own ways. Whether that be that one school features a gym (like EBS Kos) or another has a one-off interior design (like EBS New York). The special thing about EBS Phuket is that in one building you have a bartender school, accommodation, restaurant, bar, and even a rooftop pool. You can understand why people don’t want to leave the school.

bartender student pouring

Having the same strict standards in all schools means every EBS student knows how a real bar is set up and how to move around it in the most efficient manner. Most people don’t understand how difficult the training can be, as Luke experienced:

“It takes some training to master it but with the right attitude, you can become great at it.”

Having the right attitude is crucial to becoming a brilliant bartender. Follow the advice of our experienced and friendly instructors and you’ll can’t go wrong. They’ve worked in all types of bars around the globe and can help you every step of the way. they can transform even a novice into a professional and confident bartender in less than a month. They are the people that make our bartender training engaging, enjoyable, and unique which is why:

“...when the next day comes, you just can’t wait to start again.”

It takes hard work and dedication to go from zero to bartending hero in that time but it is possible and means that you’ll be all the more proud of yourself come graduation day. Ah graduation day, you’ll love it. It’s a day of reflection, joy, tears, selfies, cocktails, tears, and much more.

Arrive alone - leave with a family

We’ll finish where Luke’s adventure began, nervously touching down at Phuket airport; without knowing anybody or the local language. However, Luke was not alone, that’s the special thing about an EBS course. A lot of our students do exactly the same thing, they jump into the experience with both feet first and have the independent adventure of a lifetime.

bartending students in a pool in Phuket

Ready to create your own unforgettable memories like Luke? Start with our International Bartender Course!