Cocktail trends have constantly changed throughout the years, almost as quickly as fashion switches itself up. All fashions come back around again as we’ve seen with puffer jackets, turtlenecks, and platformed shoes in the last year or two, to name just a few! To give you a quick rundown of the last 70 years or so of mixed drinks, we enlisted the help of Gavin Wrigley, (Cara Delevingne was a bit busy this week). We swapped the hairspray for highball glasses, the stilettos for strainers, and exchanged our Burberry for a Blue Lagoon. So sit back and read through our programme of recipes as you enjoy a whirlwind tour of cocktail fashions! Stay classy for London Fashion Week.

mai tai

'40s: Mai Tai

  • Glass: Tiki-mug/Double old-fashioned

  • Ice: Crushed

  • Method: Shake

  • 6cl well-aged Jamaican rum

  • 1.5cl Orange Curacao

  • 1.5cl orgeat

  • 1cl Sugar syrup

  • juice from 1 whole lime

  • Float of overproof rum

Shake well with crushed ice, garnish with a half of the spent lime and a mint sprig.

inout martini

'60s: In and Out Martini

  • Glass: Martini/Coupe

  • Ice: None

  • Method: Stir

  • 6cl London dry Gin

  • 1cl Dry Vermouth

Add ice and vermouth to a stirring glass, stir and strain out the excess liquid, add gin, stir again and strain into a martini/coupe glass, garnish with 3 olives

blue lagoon

'80s: Blue Lagoon

  • Glass: Highball/Sling

  • Ice: Cubed

  • Method: Build

  • 3cl Vodka

  • 3cl Blue curaçao

  • Top with Lemonade

If you can’t fight the desire to add a garnish a lemon slice tended to be the fashion.


2000: Cosmopolitan

  • Glass: Martini/Coupe

  • Ice: None

  • Method: Shake

  • 4cl Lemon Vodka

  • 2cl Cointreau

  • 1cl Lime Juice

  • 3cl Cranberry juice

Fine strain into a martini/coupe, flame an orange zest over the top, twist and drop it in.

smoked negroni

Now: Smoked Negroni

  • Glass - Double old fashioned

  • Ice -1 large cube/sphere

  • Method: Stir and smoke

  • 1 part Gin

  • 1 part Sweet Vermouth

  • 1 part Campari


Feeling inspired? It’s time to make London your catwalk!