Introducing you to the newest member on our Board of Education, Giacomo Giannotti. “For me it’s a great honor and a great pleasure to be part of the EBS Board of Education because it gives me the opportunity to pass on my passion and what I’ve learnt over the years to the new generation of people eager to study bartending”.

Our Board of Education is unique to the European Bartender School and is responsible for maintaining the highest educational standards in the bartending industry. Giacomo Gianotti joins other world-renowned bartenders and industry figures on the board, working together to ensure our courses are always fresh, engaging & cutting-edge.

As well as being one of the world's best bartenders, Giacomo Giannotti is a creator of the EBS training programme. He is a world-renowned bartender, multi-awarded master of cocktail creativity, and owner of bar Paradiso, 19th on the list of the World's 50 Best Bars. His solid expertise ensures that EBS students receive training unmatched by any other bar school. “My contribution to the EBS curriculum will be giving guidelines to help students create their own signature cocktails. So basically, they'll be able to invent a cocktail from scratch and unleash their inner creativity". Many of the staff at Paradiso are EBS graduates hired by Giacomo, that way he can guarantee a trained, passionate and knowledgeable bartender to add to his team. Find out more by watching the video…


It's a huge pleasure for us at EBS to work with such a prominent and successful figure within the bartending industry.

Our Head of Education, Gavin Wrigley, couldn't be more excited about the newest addition to the team. “Giacomo is an incredibly creative bartender, he is innovative and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a bar. I’ve spent many a memorable night in his bar, Paradiso, the theatre and ambience accompanying the drinks always impresses and Giacomo is a consistently gracious host.

Giacomo and his team make competition level drinks with all the showmanship at high output. No easy feat. As a man who really understands that bartenders are there to offer guests an experience not just a drink, Giacomo will be an invaluable member to the board of education and I can’t wait to work closer with him!”

How happy do you think we are to have an excuse to frequently visit this incredible speakeasy bar? Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming collaborations between EBS and Paradiso, like our new cocktail recipe for one of Barcelona's most celebrated holidays, St Jordi's Day, created by Giacomo himself.

Fancy coming up with your own cocktail recipes? Our four-week International Bartender Course will give you all the tools you need to become a pro bartender – learn 65+ classic cocktail recipes, gain industry insight and secret techniques which will give you a strong base to create your own cocktails. You never know, you could invent the next big cocktail…