If you answer “YES!” to any of the following three questions, you should probably look into getting a high-end bartending job abroad:

  1. Are you allergic to office environments?
  2. Would you give your right arm to party around the world?
  3. Do you want a job that lets you work anywhere in the world?

A high-end bartending job abroad provides you with:

  1. An energetic and fast-paced working environment
  2. Flexible working hours so you can party
  3. A starting point so you can travel the world

Sound like bartending is for you? Find out about our course here  

How do I get a high-end bartending job abroad?

The saying goes “it is not what you know, it is who you know”, but in the hunt for a high-end bartending job this doesn’t really apply. While a connection at a fancy nightclub may get you on the guest list, employment at a high-end bar will always require the necessary skills and experience. Don’t expect to cut any corners. It is not unusual for new staff to be asked to do a free trial shift and if you are not up to the task, it will be your last ever shift at that venue.

The way to make sure they give you the job on the spot is to demonstrate to the bar manager the extensive knowledge and skills you obtained during your International Bartender Course. Throughout the course, you’ll mix thousands of cocktails so you will be ready to walk behind any high-end bar in the world. We have over 25 worldwide destinations where you can take your course; jet off to your favourite location, graduate with flying colours and then land yourself a high-end bartending job! As a high-end bartender, you’ll definitely be making more money than your backpacking friends, you’ll gain crucial work experience and have a more reputable name to put on your CV.

Why shouldn’t I get a regular bartending job abroad? 

Unless you’ve got some previous experience you’ll find it difficult to catch a break behind the bar, perhaps you’ll get lucky and find work as a bar back. However, as this type of bar job doesn’t require as much skill your salary will almost certainly reflect your working conditions. Furthermore, you might be hired without a contract (this depends on the bar) but this means that you could be instantly replaced by any of the fresh-faced travellers that show up to your bar looking for work. This type of job insecurity isn’t nice whatsoever, especially if you’re far from home. Unless you bring some professional skills to the table, this is as good as it gets…That is why you need to take our International Bartender Course so you can land that high-end bartending job in your favourite destination and start your global travels.

How else can EBS help me get a high-end bartending job?

professional bartender

Even if you have bartending experience, finding a job in an unfamiliar place is challenging. Where do you start? Who do you talk to? You can try to contact people via email and telephone prior to your arrival, but unless you have some references, this method is far from ideal.

This is where your internationally recognised certificate and EBS MatchStaff come in. Your EBS certificate represents a high quality, globalised standard of training which hiring managers love to see. As an EBS certified graduate, you get exclusive access to our worldwide bartending job portal, EBS MatchStaff. Venue managers from all over the world are always looking for qualified bar staff on EBS MatchStaff because they know the skills they possess. The combination of these two factors means you’re sure to land a high-end bartending job in no time!