So you have several weeks of holiday, and you are looking to travel and learn something new? There are several organizations who created just the right package for you, and the most obvious one is the language school: your parents love it because they are sending their kid off “to learn a new language”, and you are going abroad, which is essentially a holiday. All good, right? In this article, I want to present a bartending school as an alternative or better option to the typical language school.

Consider this:
– A language school is a thinly disguised holiday. An expensive holiday at that.
– Language schools are staffed by people who like to travel, not teachers.
– Traveling abroad with a group will decrease your speaking time.

A course with the European Bartender School gets you four weeks of fun AND learning. You will be amazed by the amount of cocktails, theory and knowledge we will cram in there. And at the same time, you will have the time of your life. Also note that he European Bartender School is supported by-, and works with some of the biggest names in the liquor industry. EBS really is bartending. On that note; the European Bartender School employs instructors who are extremely passionate about their profession, who are in it for bartending and nothing but bartending.

Costs of a language school
First of all, there is the cost issue, because language travel is expensive. And while a bartending school is not for free either, the ultimate goal is teaching you to become a certified bartender. Some language schools however, are definitely not about teaching you English. You will find out at the latest when you paid for your course, only to find that every activity on your two-week trip costs an additional X amount of money, at overinflated prices. It’s a business model designed around making money before you arrive, and while you are there as well.

Certification is not recognized
People don’t add a two-week English course on Malta to their CV. Because except for the fun times they had down there, it is not a guarantee for fluency in English at all. At the European Bartender School, we also go out of our way to make sure our students have a good time, but we also work closely together with some of the biggest brands in the industry. And should you ever apply for a job on a cruise ship, or any other prestigious bartending job; EBS certification will make you stand out amongst other candidates easily.
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Learning a language is about immersion, not traveling in groups
Studies have shown that people who travel alone, are twice as fast in picking up a language than those traveling in large groups. So going abroad with thirty people from your country to learn a language is not necessarily going to be successful. A funny detail on learning languages; the European Bartender School is becoming more and more popular amongst Italian and French students, who book a course with us for that exact reason. Initially very intimidated by the level of English used in the classes, these French and Italian students are truly amazed how much their English has improved after a 4-week course in London, plus they have become certified international bartenders, where talking English is a big part of the job.

Many of the bartenders we’ve trained have become little rockstars of their own in their profession, quickly moving on to bigger and better things on a different continent. I am not sure I can say the same about people who let their parents book a two-week to learn English; it’s a different type of experience, set up by a different kind of company, with a very different goal in mind.

ebs student pouring

In conclusion, one can say that there is nothing wrong with going on your two-week language course, but do not expect any miracles others than having a good time in crappy accommodations. The level of teaching is not going to land you a secure future, or a college entry. A bartending school however, will provide you with the means to get through university easily and contrary to French or Spanish grammar, making cocktails and acquiring bartending skills is a lot of fun.