European Bartender School dedicates itself to transforming students into the world’s best bartenders. We’ve been doing so since 1999.

Brilliant bartending is born from rigorous recipe studying and intense technique training, with just a hint of intuition for feeling how long a mixture needs shaking until it’s “just right”.

Yet all this effort trickles down the drain if the products are not up to par.

It’s for this reason that European Bartender School prides itself on working with the best brands, to ensure that every sip of the drinks we craft is as top quality as our teaching standards.

Our most recent partnership is with Maison Routin, syrup master since 1883. Their luxury syrups are infused with the purest of essences, the flavour balance painstakingly engineered to orchestrate an unforgettable sensory experience.

Andre Sousa, EBS Regional Manager, comments, “When we’re looking for authentic, natural tastes to pair with spirits, the Maison Routin range is the ideal option. The large variety of sophisticated flavours retain all their intensity as they are mixed only with the purest Alpine water. They blend seamlessly into any concoction - either coffee or cocktails - and contain all-natural ingredients.”

“How can I incorporate these delicious syrups into my drinks?!” we hear you ask. Well, you can start off strong with a Zombie recipe that requires two Maison Routin syrups.

Check out how to make a Zombie here.👇

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