Negroni Week is here, and we couldn’t be more excited at EBS. Negroni is one of our favourite cocktails, so knowing there’s a full week dedicated to it makes us very happy - to say the least.
And the best news? Even if the format is slightly different this year (thanks, Covid), the original spirit of this event is staying exactly the same.

So, what is Negroni Week?

Negroni Week is an event organised by Campari and Imbibe Magazine as a way of celebrating this iconic cocktail while they raise funds for charitable causes. This year it’s being celebrated from the 14th to 21st of September, and the money raised will be donated to the hospitality industry, which has taken a huge economic hit from the pandemic.

For everyone's safety, the initiative is being held 100% online. You can find all the scheduled activities here. Most of them are online classes focused on teaching how to properly prepare the Negroni and different variations of it – so don’t miss out.

To help you celebrate Negroni week from home, we’ve gathered a few fun suggestions.

5 ways to celebrate Negroni Week 2020

Master the original

If you have absolutely no idea how to prepare a Negroni, don’t worry. We’ve published a foolproof recipe that’s super simple to follow and will give you delicious (and professional) results, every time. Just make sure you get all the right ingredients, and you should  be good. Oh, and don’t forget to add the orange peel on top of the glass to ‘officially’ make it a Negroni.

And if you’d like a more visual recipe, we’ve got you covered.

Try the variants

Do you know there are more than 25 different twists on the classic Negroni recipe? Obviously we wouldn’t expect you to  master each one, but we’d recommend trying two of our favourites: the Negroni Sbagliato and the Negroni Bianco. For the Sbagliato,  you simply swap the gin for wine. And the Bianco is popular for being lighter and more bitter than the original.

Share your Negroni with the community

Use the #negroniweek hashtag on Instagram to showcase your Negroni and to discover other peoples’ concoctions. We’ll be watching!

Join the scheduled activities

As we mentioned, the organisation has planned lots of online events that will cover everything from the origins of the cocktail to top tips on how to prepare it, with contributions from bartending experts. Sounds pretty interesting, right?

Support the industry

The event is aiming to raise $1,000,000 through multiple campaigns in an effort to help bars and restaurants get back on their feet after being severely affected by the pandemic. If you want to help save our hospitality industry, you can donate here. Together, we can help them thrive again!