When it comes to cocktails, there’s always a new spirit, or must-have ingredient creating a buzz on the scene. As the saying goes… if you can’t beat them, get down the local cocktail bar and join them!

Our top cocktails of 2019 have been freshly squeezed and ‘poured’ over to bring you the latest trends from the drinks industry. From experimental pairings, to frozen slushies, here’s what everyone’s sipping right now…

Old Fashioned

There’s nothing new about the Old Fashioned, but this classic drink has never gone out of fashion and has enjoyed its time back in the spotlight in recent years. According to a Drinks International report it remains the number one most requested cocktail, as voted for by a third of all bars.

Mushroom Lemonade Sparkler

Yes, you read that correctly: mushroom! Vegetable-infused cocktails are bang on trend for 2019, as we look at rebalancing our nutritional intake.

From mushroom infused Irish coffees, to pickled mushroom garnishes, expect to see them more widely used in bars. This specific cocktail uses sparkling water with freshly squeezed lemon and mushroom-infused vodka, to deliver an altogether unusual taste. Not going to lie, you’ll either love or loathe it.

Aperol Frosé

Perfect for soothing afternoons in the sun, this highly quaffable drink is a bit like a grown-up slushie (trend alert). Take Aperol and rosé wine, mix and freeze. In the meantime, boil down some strawberries with sugar and honey and blend with the alcohol mix until smoothie-like. The result is summer in a glass - divine!

The Amelia Earhart

It’s not enough to be a movie star, these days you have to own your own drinks company too. That’s what Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has done with Aviator Gin. Marketed as a gin that’s free from the overwhelming taste of juniper, this will be favoured by those who prefer a smoother pour. The cocktail brings an array of flavours together including lemon juice, rhubarb jam syrup and sparkling wine, to create a cocktail that even Earhart would have been proud of.

Spiced Coke and Rum

spiced rum and coke

The popular Coke and Rum just got an upgrade. For those who enjoy spicy undertones with an energetic punch, this is for you. Launched only in April, ‘Bacardi Spice’ brings a subtle kick to this much-loved Caribbean inspired drink. Mix with cola and serve in a highball glass for a classic reinvented.

Chorizo Negroni

If bartending in 2019 will be remembered for anything, it will be experimental pairings of unusual combinations. However, Chorizo Negroni might just be the most bizarre we’ve come across; yet strangely, it works! Make no mistake; this is a bold drink. It oozes a certain smokiness with a distant spice. The chorizo is delivered in gin format, following a (minimum) 24 hours of infusion. The result – well, you’ll have to see for yourself.

Vodka Soda

With wellness high on the menu, low-calorie drinks that are easy to rustle up are the new cool. Celebrity foodie Chrissy Teigen is proof of this, a self-confessed fan of a simple Vodka Soda. In an interview she explained that she couldn’t handle anything stronger these days, it seems she’s not alone. For extra flavour, herbs such as thyme or rosemary, or even slices of citrus fruit can perk it up.

Pearl Martini

Receiving hundreds of likes on Instagram, the Pearl Martini brings all your holiday memories alive with its salty nod to beach life.

Credited to bar owner Nahiel Nazzal, the heady concoction includes; Automatic Sea Gin, manzanilla Sherry, Bordiga Bianco vermouth and Geijer Spirits California Aqua Vitae. It’s finished with sea bean and onion to give it a maritime theme, just be sure to have your sea legs first!

Midsummer Solstice and Tonic

New for 2019, Hendricks’s Midsummer Solstice brings all the summer feels with its aromatic floral essence and attractive violet hue. It’s the perfect mixer to bring any cocktail to life, delicately fragrant with a light perfume, it has hints of juniper and citrus fruits, and a little lavender as you might expect.

All the hard work is done for you, so all you have to do is add Indian tonic water, a few slices of cucumber and serve in a highball glass over ice. Nice.

The Penichillin

Back in 2005 when New Yorker Sam Ross introduced The Penicillin, it became an instant classic. With soothing ingredients; ginger, honey and lemon, mixed with Scotch whisky, it created a somewhat medicinal quality as reflected in its name.

But like all classics, there have been variations, tweaks and improvements, all leading to this moment. Still in Brooklyn, "Diamond Reef" bar has taken it one step further. Using a Slushie machine, they’ve adapted the recipe to create a frozen version, aptly named ‘The Penichillin’ – a summertime hit right there.

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