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EBS Cape Town

Discover EBS Cape Town

EBS Rome

Welcome to EBS Rome

EBS Helsinki

Welcome to EBS Helsinki

EBS Oslo

Welcome to EBS Oslo, your EBS School in Norway.

EBS Dublin

Welcome to EBS Dublin, learn to bartend in the fantastic city of Dublin.

EBS Amsterdam

Welcome to EBS Amsterdam, EBS has made its home in this lovely canal-side city.

EBS Stockholm

Welcome to EBS Stockholm!

EBS Bad Gastein

A popular ski resort and international favourite for years. An exclusive EBS course with job interviews.

EBS Paris

Our French EBS destination - Paris is waiting for you!

EBS Mallorca

Start your bartending career in one of the most popular party destination in Europe.

EBS Phuket

EBS Phuket - amazing coral reefs, turquoise water, full moon parties, sunshine and summer fun.

EBS Berlin

Welcome to EBS Berlin!

EBS New York

The ultimate EBS destination - The city that never sleeps!

EBS Las Vegas

No other city in the world embraces professional bartending more than Las Vegas.

EBS Barcelona

Everybody loves Barcelona because it has everything, the sun, beach, shopping and nightlife with big city vibes.

EBS London

Learn to bartend in the heart of the mixological world by some of the best trainers in the business.


Enjoy sun, sea and people from all over the world. World's largest bartender school - outdoor!

EBS Madrid

Hola from EBS Madrid!

EBS Sydney

Home to world-class lifesavers, surfing champions and skate boarders. Welcome to EBS Sydney.

EBS Milan

Learn bartending from the biggest and most recognised bar school worldwide.

EBS Miami

Come to the hottest spot on the US mainland!