6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending

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What to expect from your 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending

The 6-Day Advanced Flair was designed to allow students to practice their tricks in a real life bar environment, as they say, practice makes perfect. If you have done an EBS International Bartender Course, you will have learnt the WFA (the World Flair Association) yellow level. The 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending is a step up, it teaches you the WFA orange level flair, which is representative of intermediate flair skills. The orange level is directed at bartenders with existing experience of flair, a bartender with no previous experience will struggle, unless they were born with flair in their blood! Flair is an integral part of high quality modern day bartending; it is the ultimate celebration of your talent and profession!

The course is designed around the four different rounds you have to pass (Free Pour, Speed Round, Working Flair and Exhibition Flair) to achieve the WFA orange level grade. Each round must be passed in order to move onto the next round.

You have extra security with the 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending. If you do not pass the first time around you get a FREE second attempt. It may just be down to nerves, if so, you can retake the test on the same day. Otherwise, you can go away and practise and then retake in the same location or at another location around the world.

What can your 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending do for you?

After taking the 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending your CV will stand out amongst the crowd. Your advanced bartending skills will make you more appealing to potential employers where you can show off your new tricks. With the orange level tin in hand, you’ll be in good stead to carry on in the flair world and prepare yourself for the WFA green level!

3 Reasons to Book Now

Flair bartending is all about using your bar tools and bottles to impress your guests with an array of extraordinary tricks, whilst making their drinks. It is the ultimate showmanship behind the bar and is a very sought-after talent nowadays, all over the world. Here are three reasons to join the course now!

  1. The 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending is all hands-on training so you can perfect your moves!
  2. Learn 20 different WFA flair moves, 10 Working and 10 Exhibition flair!
  3. Learn from one of the top three British or Spanish flair masters!
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A lot of the best spirit brands in the industry have recognised us as the world’s leading bartender school, due to our standard of excellence we instil within our students. We therefore have the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry, which means you will not only receive world-class training but will be dealing with world-class ingredients too.

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Course Curriculum - 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending

Flair Introduction

This is an introduction to flair bartending and its brief history, we say ‘brief’ as flair has only been a part of popular bar culture since around the 1980’s. The introduction will cover flair safety, as spinning, flipping and catching bottles can obviously be dangerous; if you follow the simple safety guidelines, you’ll be fine! Then we will cover the two different types of flair that you will study, working flair and exhibition flair and their differences.


Free Pour

The first practical round of the course is simple, you have to pour a single shot and double shot with both left and right hands. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bounce or jump the shots, you can pour them separately. This gives you the chance to re-familiarize yourself with the flair world.


Speed Round

As the title suggests this round is all about speed! You have to make both a sea breeze and a mojito within 50 seconds. The only catch is that you have to make them perfectly! This means, you can’t forget any of the ingredients and they have to be presented as they would in a bar environment.


Working Flair

Now things step up a gear. You have 2 minutes to make a mojito and a sea breeze cocktail whilst incorporating the 10 WFA orange level moves into your routine! The 10 orange level moves are as follows:

  • Arm Stall
  • Switch
  • Reverse Swipe
  • Flat to Front
  • Snatch to Back
  • Roll to Switch
  • Neck Pour
  • Tin Release
  • Lampshade
  • Roll to Pour


Exhibition Flair

This is your chance to prove you are the Cristiano Ronaldo of flair bartending by showing off as much as you can! You will have to demonstrate the 10 orange level exhibition moves within 1 minute and 30 seconds. You do not make any drinks during this part of the course, it is purely your chance to show off and shine behind the bar. The exhibition flair moves are as follows:

  • Over to Stall
  • Back to Front Nest
  • Gun Slings
  • 900 to Reverse Beer Grab
  • Helicopter on the Tin
  • 720 to Pour
  • 2 Bottle Flash
  • 2 Bottle Multiplex
  • Multiplex Nest
  • Flick to Tap



The Exam

This is the final stage of the 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending; it’s time for you to put everything you have learned into practice. The course only passes gifted flair bartender; as a result, the minimum pass levels are high! Don’t sweat it too much, the key to passing the exam is simple, be well prepared, concentrate on your moves but most of all, enjoy your flair!


Flair-hunting around the city!

One day during the course, we will take you around the city on the hunt for modern and funky flair bars. 07-580x2404


The 6-Day Advanced Flair Bartending is currently on offer at our London, Milan and Las Vegas schools. These cities are all flair powerhouses so you’ll be able to check out some industry-leading bars and get even more inspiration to continue your flair career. Who knows, you could be dazzling guests with your incredible flair skills in a bar in the near future!

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