Becoming an International Bartender

19th January 2015
Becoming an International Bartender

How come that you chose EBS destination Barcelona?
“I have spent all the summers in Barcelona since I was very young and I have always loved that city so for me the choice was pretty obvious. Barcelona has everything you need especially during the summer!”

What did you think about the course?
“I did the course at the European Bartender School in Barca because I wanted to travel, and have some fun at the same time while I learn something new. Plus, I had no bartending experience at all . During the course I learnt a lot, like everything from the basics of how to be a bartender to flair and a lot of recipes for the cocktails. All in all it was the funniest thing I’ve done in my life so far and I still miss those four weeks a lot”.

Barcelona was a good place to be during the 2014 World Cup

So from all of these things you just mentioned, what was your favorite subject?
“For me the favorite part of the course was to be behind the bar and get the feeling of how it is to be a real bartender. The flairing was also a lot of fun but with that you had to have a lot of patience. And of course all the lovely people I met on the course made it all so much more fun!”

Jessica all the way to the left during her 4-week course in Barcelona

Where are you currently working?
“Now I’m working in a cocktail bar in London called Dirty Martini.”

How did you get the job in London?
“I think I had a little bit of luck with me. I came to London and sent my CV to a lot of places that was looking for bartenders and the first interview I got was this bar. I thought it seemed very cool and fancy in a good way and when I got the job I was pretty stoked about the whole experience.”

Can you use what you learned on EBS Barcelona at your current job?
“Definitely! I mean you can not build knowledge or talent if you don’t have the basics and EBS gave me that. Then with experience you become better and you get your own way to work and that is not something anyone can teach you from a book or during four weeks.”

Behind the bar at London’s Dirty Martini and in the zone

What’s working in the UK like?
“First I was a little bit nervous since there was a gap between me graduating at the European Bartender School and me applying for jobs. I’m also the youngest one behind the bar and the one with the least experience but I think that has helped me to learn fast as well. My job team is amazing and everybody is really helpful so there is no need to be stressed or nervous.”

You feel there’s difference between a training station and a real bar?
“Well of course it’s different than when you do the training during the course because a really big part of the job is how you deal with the costumers and not just if you know your specs& ingredients. You have to focus on many things at the same time and still be as fast as possible, but it doesn’t take a long time to get used to everything and keep everything under control.”

Easy does it

What kind of employees are bars in the UK looking for?
“In general it’s hard to say, I think every place is looking for people that fits well with their crew, and what Dirty Martini was looking for was a good attitude, a nice personality and a willingness to learn. The most important thing was not that you are already a superstar behind the bar.”

What are your future plans?
“I would like to travel some more and see the world and of course work as a bartender while doing that. Then maybe some studying could be good at some point..We will see.”

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