The Best Christmas Gin Gift Sets

20th December 2018
The Best Christmas Gin Gift Sets

Gin-gle bells, gin-gle bells, gin-gle all the way

If you know a gin lover, there’s no better Christmas gift than a gin set. Tasty, high quality and beautifully packaged, they’ll have anyone feeling the festive spirit in no time. If you want to learn more about gin then check out our other articles All About Gin and What is Pink Gin. In this post we’ve hand picked a variety of gift sets to suit all budgets and tastes. From the casual G&T sipper to those with a taste for luxury, we’ll have your Christmas shopping struggles sorted quicker than you can say Gimlet.

Priced Under £25

Pink Gin

Pink gin is flavoured with red or pink fruits like strawberries, raspberries or red currants, making it deliciously sweet.

Chase Pink Grapefruit And Pomelo Gin

This Grapefruit flavoured Pink Gin has that fresh, distinctly fruity flavour that we sometimes lack in our rosy bottles. The combination of citrus fruits makes this one of the tastiest pink gins on the market, and with TESCO’s offer only lasting until the New Year, we recommend heading to your nearest store before the fireworks start.

Dry Gin

Classic Gin Selection

Debenhams are bringing us the goods with their Classic gin selection set. With three miniature bottles of dry gin and a tumbler glass, it’s the perfect gift for anyone dabbling in the spirit realm, without the hefty price tag.

Infused Gin

Premium Regional Gin Selection

With a selection of four gins produced in four different distilleries, this set offers award-winning tastes at a great price. Together, they’ll bring out the zesty, peppery, spicy side of Christmas day, with each gin sourcing local ingredients.

Priced £30 – £40

Pink Gin

John Lewis
Firebox Flamingo Tears Pink Grapefruit Gin

‘Flamingo Tears Gin’ by Firebox is a sparkling, shimmering bottle of possibly the most unique pink gin we’ve seen so far. The bottle has been released as a sibling to the company’s hugely successful Unicorn Tears gin, which was first praised for its presentation and then for its equally great taste. Firebox’s pink, grapefruit edition is just as delicious (if not better).

Dry Gin

Pickering’s Gin
Pickering’s 6 Gin Christmas Baubles

Pickering have created what could be considered the most festive of all gin sets with their 6 Gin Christmas Baubles. Each bauble is filled with 5cl of Pickering Gin and doubles as both a decoration and boozy ball of happiness. It’s gin-ius.


John Lewis
Sipsmith Hot Gin & Tonic Sipping Set

Nothing sounds cosier than a hot mug of gin and tonic paired with some freshly baked gingerbread and Sipsmith’s set has the first part completely covered.

Did you know that hot gin and gingerbread were first paired together back in the 18th century during London’s winter festivals, when the River Thames would freeze? Thank you, chilly Brits. May your tasty legacy live on forever.

Infused Gin

John Lewis
Edinburgh Gin Liqueur Selection

This set of Edinburgh Gin Liqueurs includes a small batch gin, raspberry gin liqueur and gooseberry and elderflower gin liqueur. The elderflower really gives this collection a unique edge, packing all that we love about summer into the perfect Christmas set.

Priced £40+

Pink Gin

Pinkster Gin
The Pinkster Christmas Cracker

Nothing screams ‘Merry Gin-Mas’ like pink gin Christmas crackers. This pack of 6 by The Pinkster is causing waves across the company’s fanbase with each cracker containing a 5 cl bottle of pink gin or small jar of Gin jam. They also come with the all-important jokes and party hats, so your table will be absolutely sorted. They’re the ultimate Christmas day distraction from your burnt turkey and under cooked pigs in blankets.

Dry Gin

Master of Malt
Mature Your Own Gin Kit

We’ve now reached the land of gin experimentation and master-hood (perhaps not for the faint-hearted and/or lazy). With this Mature Your Own Gin Kit, you simply pour the two bottles of gin provided into the Fresh Oak barrel and wait a few months for it to mature, transforming the taste. Once the oak influence fades, the cask can still be used to mature gin or any other cocktails you fancy upgrading, barrel style.

Infused Gin

Harvey Nichols
Garden Of Unusual Wonders Gin & Tea Cup Gift Set

Bringing one of our favourite G&Tea puns to life, Hendricks’s have finally released this gorgeous set, complete with their famous cucumber and Bulgarian rose-infused gin and teacup. You’ll be feeling like a Mad hatter on Christmas day anyway, so you might as well dress for the occasion.

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