European Bartender School: Coming to a City Near You!

28th September 2017
European Bartender School: Coming to a City Near You!

Phone. Email. Facebook. All revolutionary forms of media in their own right. But nothing quite beats a face to face conversation, does it? Well, unless it’s telling your partner why you can’t make the dinner reservation they’ve been looking forward to for weeks, or explaining to a dog lover that you prefer cats.

Those unfortunate scenarios aside, face to face conversation is the absolute best way to truly get to know someone. And, here at European Bartender School, we want to get to know you. Hopefully you want to get to know us, learn more about what we do, and how we can help you embark on a life-changing adventure!

Make an informed decision

We appreciate that our courses are a commitment. A commitment to your future, nevertheless, such decisions should not be taken lightly. That is why we are delighted to announce that we will be attending a series of student and career expositions across Europe so that you can come and meet us in person! We will be at hand to address any questions or doubts you may have.

See which one of our courses is for you before meeting us!

We care about our community; our prospective graduates, our alumni, and bartending in general. Perhaps you’ve been debating about taking our International Bartender Course over either 3 or 4 weeks. Or, maybe you haven’t thought of any of that and just want to chat to us about bartending in general and find out whether it is for you. Whatever the topic, we will be delighted to chat to you. Check out where and when we are going below.

(Psst, just a heads up: we will be giving away a free European Bartender School course, incl. accommodation, for you and a friend… at each expo! Don’t miss out)

European Bartender School Expo Locations and Dates

United Kingdom

WHEN: 6th-7th October 2017
WHERE: What Career Live, London Olympia, London
Stand number: D40


WHEN: 19th-21st October 2017
WHERE: BeSt, Fair for career, Messecongress Graz, Graz


WHEN: 17th-19th November 2017
WHERE: Salon De L’etudiant – Salon Européen De L’education, Paris

WHEN: 19th-21st January 2018
WHERE: Salon De L’etudiant – Salon Européen De L’education, Paris


WHEN: 24th-25th November 2017
WHERE: Go-Abroad Fair, Utrecht


WHEN: 26th-26th November 2017
WHERE: Go-Abroad Fair, Ghent


WHEN: 29th November – 1st December 2017
WHERE: Saco, Stockholm, Stockholmmässan


WHEN: 29th-30th November 2017
WHERE: Studia, Messukeskus, Helsinki


WHEN: 23rd-24th February 2018
WHERE: Einstieg Hamburg 2018, Hamburg


WHEN: 28th February – 4 March 2018
WHERE: Aula Madrid, IFEMA – Feria de Madrid, Madrid

WHEN: 14th-18th March 2018
WHERE: Saló de l’Ensenyament, Fira Barcelona Montjuic, Barcelona

See you at an expo very soon

And there you have it. Our aim here is to meet as many of you as possible so we hope that we are at an expo close to you. We are genuinely excited to reach the people we care about – you – in new and exciting ways and believe these expos allow us to better enable a conversation about what you do and, likewise, what we do here at European Bartender School. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain by coming to talk to us at one of our expos. Embark on the adventure of your dreams now.

Where will your adventure begin? Check out our worldwide selection of destinations



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