EBS Dublin competes at Ginfusion competition

21st November 2013
EBS Dublin competes at Ginfusion competition

EBS Dublin is delighted to announce that one of their students, Ronan Collins will be representing the European Bartender School Dublin at the upcoming Ginfusion cocktail competition this weekend. To those of you who don’t know, the Ginfusion festival is a big, two-day deal in Dublin, consisting of several masterclasses, tasting workshops, several keynote speakers and a very untypical N64 Goldeneye competition. Spread out over several locations, it’s a great way to spend your weekend.

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So tell us Ronan, what is the name of this drink you created?
“This drink is our variation on the famous cocktail called the Last Word. But with a twist, we have infused the gin in saffron and we have replaced the Maraschino with Rosemary infused Sugar Syrup.”

That sounds great, what have you called it?
“We have called it the First Word, because this drink will get people talking!”

Apart from the Cocktail itself, how are you going to blow the judges away?
“Well I am thinking about adding a bit of my newly learnt working flair to my routine, I have to be careful not to drop the bottle though.”

Are you worried about the bartenders you will be competing against?
“Of course I am apprehensive of the standard of bartender I will be facing but I think it will be a great experience win or lose.

Well good luck on the weekend, how are you finding Dublin cocktail scene so far?
“I am really impressed, I was surprised to find such a culture of cocktails in a city renowned for its beer drinking and traditional pubs, and I am looking forward to become a part of Dublin’s bartending culture.”

To learn more about becoming a bartender in Dublin yourself, go to the EBS Dublin page.