Insane Bubble Soccer sessions with EBS Sydney

25th August 2015
Insane Bubble Soccer sessions with EBS Sydney

The European Bartender School teaches bartending first, but outside course hours, Sydney has some insane activities on offer! And even though there are many exciting events that we offer our students at EBS Sydney, it was decided something new was needed. And the general sense was that the students were looking for a way to turn the tables on their instructors. Paintball usually does the job but that’s been done too many times, so the event manager decided to go down a different route this time around.

I can’t believe I knocked over the biggest instructor at EBS Sydney!

It had to be Bubble soccer! Bubble Soccer is a fast-paced, heavy-hitting game that we play on a small indoor soccer field. This means you are always in close contact with the opposing team, and with 5 players on every team, there is plenty of opportunity to blow off some steam.

Just strap on the “seat belt” inside the bubble, grab the handles and charge (or get charged). You are going to be amazed at how far you can make people fly all over the court without actually hurting.

This is an amazing way to spend your sunny afternoon in Sydney and pretty soon we had both guys and girls busting out moves, and throwing people twice their size over the playing field:

Do you want to learn bartending and play bubble soccer in Sydney?

Good! Because Sydney is intense, the continent is incredible and the bartending scene unlike anything you’ve seen. Get EBS-certified now!

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And the thing is, Bubble Soccer is becoming an increasingly popular sport around Sydney with tournaments popping up all over the place. The playing field EBS Sydney takes you to is located in the chirpy suburb of Marrickville. 15 minutes away from our lovely hostel in Newtown, you will be there in no time, which is one of the many advantages of the location of our hostel.

Bubble Soccer is a perfect event for the first weekend because it compliments our big night in Sydney that we usually organize on the first Friday of the course.

Everyone gets to sleep in late, and in the afternoon, we get together once again and play legendary Bubble Soccer right before we hit Sydney’s #1 backpackers “Party Bus”. Being driven around Sydney in your very own custom bus, along with lights and a sound system is something else. The drivers know every last venue in the city and take you from one place to the next, in the most comfortable and craziest way possible. EBS Sydney truly dishes up some great activities and events – When are you becoming a bartender in Sydney?

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From our hostel in Newtown to Bondi Beach and Sydney’s incredible cocktail scene – it really is something else. Have a look at our school!

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