New York bartenders fly helicopters

25th June 2015
New York bartenders fly helicopters

To “spread the stoke” about being New York Bartenders, our school managers at EBS New York created a little something they like to call the Viber Meter. Now, the Viber meter is a strategic game where through Hard Work, Spirit & Soul, dedication and self-improvement in all areas of barschool training, EBS students can secure points. Flair, free pour, theory and of course our beloved recipes will get you those coveted points. Outside course hours, unique Instagram shots from around the city get you points, as does “going above and beyond the normal duties of keeping the student dorm crispy clean”. The team that secures the most points after graduation gets a special prize, and last month, it was Team “Timon and Pumbaa” who got a helicopter flight around the big Apple.

The guys still firmly on the ground, with a “don’t-know-what’s-in-it” around their waist

Now for those who never been to New York, the place is actually a little smaller than you think, but there is a tremendous amount of skyscrapers. And because New York is pretty much built on a natural harbor, there is water everywhere, making it hard to get ahead if you are in a hurry.

Helicopters will get you from A to B in the most efficient way in New York. But it’s a very exclusive way to get around. In the case of our students, being part of team Timon and Pumbaa also helped:

George Cadenas Rudd- AKA Pumbaa:
“The tour was one of, or maybe the best experience of my life. And the badass female pilot was the icing on the cake. When we landed we both were high on life and we couldn’t be happier with our trip to New York, Thank you European Bartender School!”

EBS New York treated the team to the most popular helicopter tour in New York City, and these guys know all their famous movie sites and other places you know from those crazy news reports America is so famous for. The boys flew over Ellis Island and visited the Statue of Liberty from a unique and inspiring point of view (which is precisely why they forgot to take any pictures of the latter).

Ellis Island, with Lady Liberty way in the background.

The next stop was the iconic Empire State Building followed by a view of Central Park reserved for very few people: full-on birds-eye view! Following the Hudson river, the flight continued towards the Intrepid on Pier 86 (it’s the aircraft carrier Will Smith uses to play golf on in “I am legend”).

Will smacking golf balls into 46th street during a zombie pandemic

The pilot then flew them over Harlem right up to the Yankee stadium, and up to the George Washington Bridge, and back to the Manhattan-Wall Street heliport. Touching down on a floating heliport in the east-river, frequented by the Wolves of Wall-street and the president of the United States has a special feeling to it but then again, everything in New York does. It’s the city that never sleeps, the city that always beckons and if you haven’t been there yet – now is the time!

Experience magnificent New York and become a bartender with us!

EBS New York is your opportunity to spend 4-weeks in the city that never sleeps. Besides, every bartender needs a little Lower East-side in their lives.

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