Surf’s up at EBS Sydney

22nd May 2014
Surf’s up at EBS Sydney

In between liquor master classes, flair training and the more practical lessons (Hey, you have to know how to handle yourself behind a bar!), EBS will always find time to get you out of the school building and into the wild. Because throughout a 4-week training, there’s more than just cocktails, and when you are talking Australia, surf’s up at EBS Sydney!

The crew of the day – photo op.

For the uninitiated; learning surfing is not easy; the combination of timing, balance and knowing how to get through the shore break can make it a frustrating experience – best compared to learning how to ride a bicycle on an escalator. So to ease your way into riding your first wave, hiring an experienced instructor is the best way to go.

And since we like to travel in style, the day starts of with an oldschool surf bus picking all students up from the EBS facility, while the speakers blast out some cheesy punk music. In less than an hour, the beach with the best waves is reached and after the boards are quickly taken from the roof, the awesome guys from “Waves Surf School” talk us through the motions, what to look out for, and how to get your first wave. The thing with surfing is, that it really is harder than it looks, so the pointers the instructors share turn out to be super valuable.

The promo from “Waves Surf School”

Basically, they mean all the difference between struggling in the shore break, or standing on your very first wave within 30 minutes (completely epic!). Once that first lesson is over, the students usually keep at it racking up their number of waverides, until the traditional ‘Barbie’ is officially open, and there’s hot dogs, burgers, grilled vegetables, fresh fruit of every kind and lots and lots more together with a nice cold beer or cider. Surfing on a full stomach sucks, so the next hour is usually spent catching some sun or throwing a frisbee around, until the waves start looking tasty again.

If you’ve never done this, you just don’t know

Surfing is one of those rare experiences that can totally throw a person’s life around, which we think is very similar to a course with EBS. We find that many EBS students who graduate make very different plans than their peers, involving more traveling, working abroad, visiting different locations or choosing a different degree at university. So just like surfing is an eye-opener to many, EBS tends to make people rearrange their priorities in life as well, something that we are very proud of.
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Back to our surf report, sunset is usually our sign to head back to Sydney, allowing for a final view over the beach, and driving back fulfilled and richer with a new experience. The cheesy punk music suddenly feels a lot less cheesy, as it fits the whole surfing experience perfectly. If you are going to EBS Sydney, or Australia for that matter, make sure you hit up the guys at Waves Surf School, because from all the EBS trips we’ve done, this one is by far the best to enjoy the beaches and the laid back Ozzy lifestyle. One of many experiences to remember, since EBS Sydney also dishes up the largest iMax cinema in the world and the clinically insane party bus around Central Sydney.

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