EBS New York apartment’s graffiti transformation!

13th January 2016
EBS New York apartment’s graffiti transformation!

Here at European Bartender School we like to think that we are a fresh, colourful and unique company that stands out amongst the crowd. However, the front of our EBS New York apartment building just wasn’t living up to this, so we decided to have a graffiti makeover!

The Parrot

IMG_3974We reached out to 22-year-old, Danish graffiti artist, Andreas Fredensborg Welin, (also known by his pen name, Welin) for his expertise. We gave Welin a few spray cans and artistic license, the results were sensational. His beautiful piece, entitled, The Parrot, has brightened up the street; it puts a smile on the faces of our EBS students (as much as a Mojito does) and it has amazed local residents.

After his painting session, Welin told us what inspired him to paint his piece. Welin told us when he thinks of bartending, he thinks of exotic and tropical things, this is why he knew a parrot with beautiful palms in the background would be the perfect piece for European Bartender School. He goes on further to state that a Piña Colada is his favourite drink, we like to think that this might have also influenced his decision for our wall piece.

Graffiti and Bartending


When speaking about his inspiration, Welin interestingly relates how his profession is similar to bartending. The traits needed to be a first class graffiti artist are the same as a first class bartender; you need the right skill set, dedication and passion. He says without these, you might have the correct ingredients; you’ll mix them together and just have to hope for the best.

In EBS words, give an amateur, Rum, lime, brown sugar, mint and soda and see how good their Mojito tastes…terrible right? When you are a skilled professional with the correct knowledge, you don’t have to hope for the best, because you know you will produce something extraordinary and that is what Welin did for us.

Travelling the World

IMG_3971Another similarity that can be made between Welin’s profession and bartending is that both professions give young people the opportunity to have incredible experiences around the world. Welin has visited Copenhagen, Lisbon, Germany, Toronto, and most recently New York.

Furthermore, like our EBS students, Welin knows how to relax and enjoy himself here in New York; he has visited museums and galleries like the MoMA and The Met for inspiration. He also spends a lot of time chilling on his rooftop with his friends and you can’t blame him, the NYC skyline is sublime.

We don’t want to give away too much about his future projects, so we will finish up by raising an EBS New York Piña Colada to Welin, (he’s an artist with a bright future) and we ask everyone to stop by EBS New York and check out, The Parrot!

EBS New York

Now let EBS New York paint you a picture of bartending in the Big Apple.

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