The Ticket To The World bartenders look back at Australia

9th February 2015

While some people only know Australia as kangaroos and boomerangs, one of our Ticket To The World winners Codie holds an Australian passports and will object to any Australian cliché. And then of course there are the smart Europeans who make it out to the East coast every year once their high school ends and they don’t feel quite ready yet to be all serious about life.

This is the time where stepping out your regular habits makes the most sense, and traveling for an extended period of time is the perfect way to go about it. Knowing a trade that you can sell anywhere certainly helps, and our accomplished bartenders managed to divide their time in Australia between running shifts, going surfing, parasailing and doing anything else there is to do in the land down under

To see the boys parasailing, redeem themselves after the surfing disaster from Barcelona or climb Sydney’s harbor bridge, simply scoot over to the Ticket To The World website.