Two World Class Bartenders Join the EBS Board of Education

25th May 2015

Bartenders from across the globe, gather round! We’ve got some incredibly exciting news that we want to share with you! We’ve managed to secure not one, but two world renowned bartenders to join the EBS Board of Education. Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great pride and pleasure that we introduce to you: Marian Beke and Björn Kjellberg.

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For those of you that have studied with EBS in the past, one or both of these names may be familiar to you already. However, for all you perspective students out there allow us to introduce you to our two shiny, new bartenders. Firstly, we have Marian Beke, bar manager and cocktail creative for the infamous speakeasy bar Nightjar, based in Shoreditch, London. Beke’s creativity with ingredients has earned him a world famous reputation in the industry and he has personally helped Nightjar achieve awards such as 2nd Best Bar in the World (Drinks International 2013) and Top 4 Nominee, World’s Best Cocktail Menu, (Tales of the Cocktail 2013) Secondly, we have Björn Kjellberg a world famous tequila master and two times winner of Best Bar in Sweden at the Bartenders’ Choice Awards. His knowledge of Tequila’s history is unchallenged by many and spans right back to the birth place of Tequila and the sacredness of the Blue Algave plant to the indigenous people of Mexico.

The two latest additions to the team hosted masterclasses in their fields of expertise at our Annual Global Conference. Together the pair enhanced the knowledge of our bar school instructors, who gathered in Barcelona from every destination across the globe. Kjellberg broke down the history of Tequila and shared his thoughts on where the future of Tequila and its production can go in the future. Beke then went on to take our instructors through his most up to date bar tips, tricks and recipe updates. He boasted a wealth of fresh, exciting garnishes and ingredients and inspired our instructors to push the boundaries of bartending firmly into 2015.

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At the convention Marian Beke couldn’t help but express his excitement over joining the EBS family, he said: ‘EBS has a fresh approach – they have a global network which is crucial in the bartender world and it’s amazing that they can share their knowledge from one side of the world to the other.’ We are as excited as Beke is to have his talent and experience on board, we believe that the new pair will be a vital asset in transforming the expectations of the bartending industry across the globe. The insight we had into the knowledge of these two fresh faced bartenders at the convention has got us extremely excited to see where the board of education will progress to in the future. The promise that they hold, along with our two other current board members, combined, is limitless. So the future for our EBS students is about to get a whole load bigger, better and brighter. If that’s possible!

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