Student Life

Dublin is well served by extensive bus and tram routes allowing you to discover all corners of the city. However, like most places, finding your way is best by foot. Everything you need is within walking distance allowing you to wander and stroll through the streets of Dublin.

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EBS Activities

These are some of the typical activities our students enjoy outside course hours. The special thing about EBS Dublin is that ALL of the following activities are included in the course price.

Tullamore D.E.W. Tour

Tullamore D.E.W. very recently brought its whiskey production back home to Tullamore, for the first time in more than 60 years and it is a treasure for any whiskey-afficionado. Along with the working distillery, a visitor centre was created for tastings, shopping and a restaurant. And the European Bartender School will take you there.

Tiki Thursday

Tiki Thursdays are all about celebrating; we dress up in tiki clothes, throw on music and invite some of Dublin’s most talented bartenders to make us lots of different tiki and rum drinks. In the meanwhile, everybody can chill out, play table tennis, table football, and enjoy the day. At night, we head out to take inspiration from Dublin’s most gifted bartenders and if we are lucky, they will let us in on their top tips!

Guinness Storehouse

We will take you on a tour of Ireland’s renowned Guinness Brewery – the home of the black stuff. Here you will discover the production process of Ireland’s most famous drink and enjoy a tasting experience in their Sky Bar overlooking Dublin.

Whiskey Master Class

Enjoy an intimate session with whiskey guru John Moriarty and be guided through each whiskey variation from Wales, Scotland, Japan, America, Canada and Ireland. This activity teaches you priceless information and brings you even closer to being the perfect bartender.

Cachaça Master Class

Enjoy a Cachaça Master Class from Rafael Agapito, owner of Fuba Cachaca.

VIP Entrance

With our extensive list of exclusive nightclubs we will arrange VIP access for EBS students.

Competitions and Events

Dublin is at the centre of the bartending world, there are always cocktail competitions taking place around the city, allowing you to show off your skills.

EBS Places

There are some things that a bartending student simply cannot miss when they come to Dublin. Here’s a short intro:


Home to all of Ireland’s rugby and soccer matches why not try to catch a glimpse of the boys in green during your visit to Dublin.


Why not pack a picnic and head to Europe’s biggest city park. With over 7 squared kilometers of rolling grass it is the perfect place for a chilled afternoon.


As Dublin’s cultural quarter, Temple Bar is a constant buzz of pubs, nightclubs and restaurants. Walking through its cobbled streets at any time of day or night you will find something in Temple Bar that suits you.


Dublin’s premier shopping street is located a 3 minute walk from our training facility. With individual retailers and large department stores, Grafton Street is a sure bet for all your shopping needs.


Built in 1592 Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university. Situated at the bottom of Grafton Street pop in, have a stroll around and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of Ireland’s most beautiful buildings.


Just in case you buy everything there is to buy on Grafton Street why not take a short tram ride to Europe’s largest shopping centre. With over 100 shops it is sure to satisfy those who love to shop till they drop. And overflowing with bars and restaurants it can make a perfect day out.


Next to your hostel accommodation is one of Dublin’s best cinemas. If you fancy a film on any evening, this is the place to go.


Ireland’s main concert venue offers regular gigs to some of the world’s biggest stars. Recent performers include U2, Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and many more.

The Guinness Brewery

The “Home of Guinness”, the brewery is Dublin’s most popular tourist attraction.