Where is the School

The school is located at 2235 A Renaissance Drive, at a very convenient walking distance from the accommodation.

Where is the EBS Accommodation?

Located in a residential area in the Royal Crest Rancheros neighbourhood, and less than a mile away from our school, the (postal) address is:

2283 Bridlewood Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Getting around in Vegas

Public transportation is excellent and runs well into the night with a 30-minute frequency. Of course taxis are available as well.


Las Vegas weather is hot. Deserts do tend to cool down overnight, so bring a sweater just in case.

Cash /Cards

The dollar is mighty in Las Vegas, but it is common to tip staff with casino chips inside the casinos as well. Do always check that your ATM card works in the US before you leave as some cards may not be accepted.


More than any other place inside the US, in Las Vegas tipping is big. This means 15% is usually expected, and once you start working as a cocktail bartender you can easily expect to make more than that, especially in the high-end venues.