Student Life



These are some of the typical activities our students enjoy outside course hours. Note that most of them are NOT included in the course price as we try to keep costs as low as possible for our students.

Tiki Night

Let’s celebrate all things Tiki! Your instructors and local bartenders will whip up some amazing tiki creations for you and your coursemates.

Boat Party

Boat parties are legendary in Mallorca because of the island’s incredible party atmosphere, DJs that play the latest music, and the stunning ocean views!

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is the official sport of summer; everyone can get involved no matter if you’re an experienced player or a novice.

Water Park

Looking for a day of laughter and thrills? Western Water Park is just the place! It’s perfect for those who want to relax on the lazy river or adrenaline junkies that want to take on the kamikaze slides.

Water Sports

Mallorca beaches are not just for soaking up the sun, they’re for having fun! Parasail across the ocean, bounce across the waves on a jet ski or hold on tight to a banana boat, there’s something for everyone.

Night Out In Magaluf

One weekend we’ll hit the world-famous party area of Magaluf for a truly wild night out!


EBS Places

Here we have just a handful of our favourite things to do in Mallorca, take a look and see if you agree


Palma Cathedral is a breathtaking Gothic architecture that has stood since the 13th century. The cathedral is only 44 metres high, but the main bell weighs a staggering 4500 kilos!


The Lluc Sanctuary is a monastery and pilgrimage site which dates back to the 13th century. Located in the north-west of Mallorca, it is a great escape from city life as it is totally surrounded by greenery and beautiful mountains.


One of the island’s most popular attractions is The Dragon Caves, located on the island’s east coast. The caves are a hidden underground system which winds for 1.2km and includes the 170 metre long Lake Martel. This is something you and your friends can’t miss out on!


Located on the northern tip of Mallorca, the Cap de Formentor has some spectacular scenic views. Behold the 400 metre high jagged cliffs, sandy beaches and deep blue waters, this is a must do!


Bellver Castle is a perfect example of a Gothic castle, situated on a hill 3 kilometres west of the centre of Palma. The castle was built in the 14th century and is famous for its outer and inner circular shape. It gives you a unique view over Palma and the surrounding area.


For all you foodies out there, take a trip down to the local market ‘Mercat de l’Olivar’, you’ll be in heaven! You’ll find, fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, tapas, wine, the list is endless! Mingle with the locals, eat and drink what they do and experience local culture!