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These are some of the typical activities our students enjoy outside course hours. Note that most of them are NOT included in the course price as we try to keep costs as low as possible for our students.


We teach flair in all of our schools; however, #EBSMilan offers an exclusive coffee flair workshop with Fabio, our school manager. If you like your latte-art, and coffee has never been “just coffee” for you, then this is something you can’t miss. A cappuccino will never be the same.


Flair bartending is one of the integral parts of EBS’s education, so our students get to experience it inside and outside of school hours. During the course, we invite them to the monthly Flair Championship in the most exclusive club in Milan, the Loolapaloosa.


On the first Friday of every session, the instructors take the students on a tour of Milan’s best cocktail bars. The first stop on the tour is Elita Bar, a proper cocktail bar specialized in Gin culture. One of the reasons we come here is that the bartenders are open to answer any questions students might have and because one of them graduated from #EBSMilan in April 2015. The tour then continues with other bars in the neighbourhood: the Mug, Luca&Andrea and Bar Rita.


Join us as we go on a tour of the Campari Gallery. You’ll learn how this marvellous liqueur was first crafted and see how it has progressed to become a present day icon.


At the end of each course, we organize an amazing Graduation Dinner with our students at Movida, a great cocktail bar that serves up some delicious food. The owner is very welcoming, for example, during the dinner a couple of students can jump behind the bar and prepare some cocktails for their classmates.


We advise all our students to explore their EBS destination outside the course. The Italians have shaped most of Western Europe with their classical designs and passion for incredible food. So, get out there and taste traditional Italian cuisine, you will fall in love with it instantly! Another must in Milan, is to wander around the city and appreciate local historical landmarks and museums, from the Duomo to the Sforza castle; Milan is an amazing city.