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New York Student Life

New York Activities

During your stay in New York, we will organise activities to make sure you have the best possible EBS experience. All of the activities below are optional as they are outside of course hours. Some activities come with additional fees; however the free ones are definitely worth attending!

Scavenger Hunt Around The City.

New York holds so many secrets, we will let you in on some of them as we tour this fascinating city.

Empire State/ Rockefeller Tour

Get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Big Apple as we go to the top of one of these two iconic skyscrapers.   

Brewery/Distillery Tour

Get a  behind the scenes look at some of the city’s leading breweries and distilleries. We will go on a tour to see just how these fantastic products are made, and maybe even taste the final product!

Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island

Visit Ellis Island and get a selfie with one of the world’s most iconic statues, Lady Liberty. If you’re really lucky, you can reserve to see the city through the statue’s crown…it’s only 354 stairs to the top!

Trips Across The Country

Hit the road with EBS as we discover some of the other incredible American cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston.

Six Flags Theme Park

One of the USA’s biggest and best theme parks, our trip to Six Flags is a must. Ride some of the most adrenaline-pumping roller coasters on the planet!

Broadway Show

Take the opportunity to experience the very best that theatre has to offer at a  broadway show. With the most high-profile stage actors, stunning costumes and visuals, it’ll be a night to remember.

Sporting Events

Come and experience the unique atmosphere of an American sporting event. Whether it be baseball, basketball or American football, you’ll see some of the world’s best athletes take centre stage!


Get inspired by a trip to one of the many astonishing museums in the city. Even if you’re not a ‘museum person’, you’ll be left amazed at the things you’ll see and learn during your trip.