Student Life

Stockholm is an exciting high-end city destination with a wide range of activities for you to choose from outside course hours or those well-deserved weekends.

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EBS activities

These are some of the typical activities our students enjoy outside course hours. Note that most of them are not included in the course as we try to keep EBS course prices as low as possible for our students.

Stockholm's cocktail scene

In Stockholm, you will find some of the most interesting bars in Scandinavia. When you visit them, it is not uncommon to see an EBS graduate mixing and flairing behind the bar.
The high-end cocktails culture is appreciated by the Swedes, which makes the skill level of the Stockholm bartenders very impressive. Go check it out!

Wining and dining in Stockholm

Just like the aforementioned bars, Stockholm also hosts an impressive array of restaurants to check out with your new-found friends. With the city’s reputation as an international trendsetter, you will find culinary creators coming up with their own food trends.

A new “must see” pops up every month so keeping an up-to-date list is almost impossible. Just ask our school manager what is the hottest new restaurant to go to and chances are you’ll end up in a boutique restaurant with some very tasty dishes.

Gröna Lund

During spring/summertime our school likes to take our students to Gröna Lund, a popular theme park located on the seaside. This park has a little bit of everything, insane roller coasters, swing rides and a funhouse. The park is also known for its concerts, with rock and pop music from popular artists.

Seasonal Events

Depending on the season, we always look out for new and cool events for our students to attend. Explore Stockholm together with your new EBS friends and enjoy the great culture and atmosphere of the city!