1. They can visit you in some amazing places around the world

One of the biggest reasons to be in the bartending industry is the possibility for traveling. I am working on my third continent now, and my parents usually love visiting me wherever I go. From Sydney to London, Istanbul to Hong Kong. It’s the perfect excuse for them to visit. And I get to play tour guide. Yay me.

2. Not many parents can say they have a bartender in the family

Doctors … got it. Lawyers … yup. Accountants … of course. Bartender … absolutely! It wasn’t on their list of careers for their daughter but it’s rare they can tell their friends that I’m a bartender. The first questions they usually face is whether it is “in a real bar”, and luckily, the answer is yes, plus some amazing venues too. I can still hear the 5th-grade teacher mumbling I’d never amount to anything. I hope they didn’t REALLY think that … just sayin’.

3. At least you’re not living in their basement

Thank God for that one. My parent’s neighbors have two college grads living in their basement. And it’s the not-paying-any-rent kind of basement dweller too. But I am living on my own and making some pretty good money as well. I’m experiencing things that most of my age never have and some people never will. And when I go out with friends, there’s no sneaking back into the house either. … I don’t have to sneak in at 2 AM ’cause the place is mine.

bartender tray smiling

4. They never have to worry about you having money in your pocket

I remember getting an allowance as a kid? And of course, I earned it … ya right. It was pretty amazing to have a little money to buy my own stuff. As a bartender, I never have to worry about that. Treat the customers right and I can do pretty well. So when it’s time to hit the town … the only problem is trying to figure out what to do and where to go first. Awesome.

5. It’s a great way to help pay for college so they’re not stuck with the bill

Of course, my parents want me to go to college. And actually, I agree. I have some big plans for college and my career. But I’d really like to experience the world first. And that’s how I sold it. I said I’d help pay and that totally got their attention. I told them I wanted to be a bartender to make money for college. How could they possibly say no to that? It was worth a shot now here I am. Plus, I reckon I’ll be able to get through college without a loan; running some weekly shifts will get me the money I need to stay afloat.

6. They’ll appreciate your long list of great restaurants

One of the best things about travel is the food. Especially when you share it with friends and family. I’ve made tons of discoveries for my friends since I started bartending. And that list of discoveries never fails to impress my parents – whatever the occasion, I know a great place to dine. So after showing them around all day as their personal tour guide, they can treat me to dinner at my favorite place. They’ll totally fall in love with it … and the rest of my list too.

7. You tell them you want to be a mixologist ‘cause it sounds impressive

My parents saw right through me on this one. ‘Cause it’s got nothing to do with the kind of study they were thinking about. But they did see that I’m learning a craft that I can always fall back on to make money. And who doesn’t need a marketable skill to help them get through college? They can’t argue with that kind of logic. Plus “mixologist” is the one thing that their friends find both interesting and prestigious; not many people they know worked both a skybar position in Miami and Cape Town.