Ever wonder what HARD WORK SPIRIT & SOUL means?

Here is the answer:

Hard Work is what it takes to reach a goal. Any goal. It’s about choosing your attitude because you are always in the middle of at least two decisions. You can choose to take the easy way or the hard way. Your attitude decides which one you choose and what you learn from it. When you jump the fence where it is “highest” you gain more and evolve – no matter if you succeed or not you will learn and grow.

Spirit is about keeping the spirit up. Even in periods where you meet challenges that are hard to get over. You do this by making people happy. Because your physical actions reflect on your state of mind and giving positive strokes to others reflects back on yourself. SPIRIT reminds us that we have to make people happy.

Soul is the framework around your creativity. It controls what you choose to use your intelligence for – and where you choose to have your focus. SOUL is state-of-mind where you can play around, experiment and evolve while you are being focussed at the same time. SOUL is about having fun while learning and evolving in a serious context. We call it “having fun with a purpose”.

guy flairing with bottle

Hard Work, Spirit & Soul is the hidden message in everything we do – reminding us that we need to choose our attitude, make people happy and have fun while doing it every day.