It’s hard to stop watching isn’t it? It’s exquisitely-effortless flair bartending.

Think that you could do it? Put your money where your mouth is and show us your skills!

Next level bartending

This is Johannes Kinch. A long time member of the EBS family who sits on our board of education. A mastermind of bartending, and a flair bartender star. He’s worked all over the world, came third in the World Championships of Flair, and is a 10 TIME Swedish Flair Champion.

What is flair bartending?

Flair bartending is the act of manipulating bottles in innovative and exciting ways in order to serve a drink whilst entertaining. It can include juggling, fire, bar-magic, free-pour, and much more. It’s all about showing off your skills, whilst making high-class cocktails, and it’s not easy!

Is flair bartending for me?

You’re already a master of the bar.

You’ve taken your International Bartender Course with us, and you want to learn more?

Tom Cruise in Cocktail is your idol.

Yep, flair bartending is definitely for you!

What can I do with flair bartending?

Flair bartending skills EBS

First of all, by learning flair you’re upping your game in the bartending world. Your CV will be shining and ready to reel employers in. Take our 6-Day Advanced Flair course and choose to study in:

Secondly, flair enables you to travel the world. Did you know about the flair bartending competitions that you can take part in?

  • Roadhouse World Flair, London
  • Flairmania, Riga
  • Ultimate Flair, Tokyo
  • Flair Challenge, Warsaw
  • Crazy Beach World Flair Competition, Cosenza

Take your flair around the world with you and perform in the liveliest bars, in the biggest cities.

Are you ready to take your bartending to the next level? Rise up and accept the challenge