At EBS we are often asked if it’s possible to talk to a former student. These requests usually come from people interested in the course, wanting to get first-hand “user review”. And while we, as a company, cannot put strangers in touch with each other, we do invite you to have a look at the Facebook pages of the different EBS destinations. It’s the best place by far to find former EBS students from your country. What we can do, is share success stories of our former students here on the EBS blog. Laura for instance completed her EBS course, and has worked for a variety of bars abroad. Laura has also joined a team of elite Danish barmen who can be hired for promotional events or exclusive gatherings all over Denmark. But let’s see her explain herself how to get a bartending job abroad after EBS:

How did you first hear about EBS?

“I believe it must have been when I was in my freshmen year of High School, and went on a skiing holiday with my school in Tignes. This guy from my school had a sister who was working in the Saloon bar at that time. She had taken a course with EBS, back when it was still called The Bartending Academy. I have always had this thing with wanting to work a season in France at some point, but I never really knew how to go about it, or what job opportunities were out there. So when I heard about EBS, taking a job as a bartender in the French Alps suddenly seemed like the most obvious thing to do.”

Where did you do your course and why there?

“I did my course at EBS Kos. It was in the summer holiday between second and last year of high school, which meant that the combination of school and getting away to a sunny destination at the same time was perfect.”

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Looking back at your course, what really surprised you about the course/didn’t you expect at all?

“The level surprised me. It’s definitely tougher than people think. I knew it was a serious school, but since I had never really had anything do to with the bartending industry before, I must admit I wasn’t really sure what I had gotten myself into. But it was a positive surprise, and it was really cool to experience how passionate and skilled the instructors were.”

Where did you get your first bartending job afterwards?

“The first actual bartending job I got after finishing my course was in June 2012, when I was working for a traveling bar group called “The bar group Aps”, which is a group of bartenders that travels across Denmark to work at all kinds of events. I sort of got headhunted for this job, because a friend of mine, who I met at EBS at Kos, was already working for them, and he recommended me.”

How would you say the EBS course has helped you find employment as a bartender?

“EBS was what started my bartending career in the first place, and what inspired me to get into the bartending industry. There are definitely employers to whom a certificate from EBS matters. For instance, I believe it mattered when I was hired to work at the Saloon bar in Tignes. The owner is British, and he would only hires Danes either on personal recommendation, of if he was convinced he was hiring someone with some real skills. Additionally, the people I have met through EBS have also meant a great part. I got in touch with the Danish owner of the Saloon bar in Val Thorens, Kristoffer, though one of the Danish instructors from EBS. Like in any other job, it’s connections and skills that get you somewhere. Because of the course, I had both.”

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Are you in touch with the other EBS students you completed the course with?

“A few of them yes. Since the summer of 2011, when I took the course, a lot of my former co-students have moved to Aarhus, where I live, either to study or for work. This makes it easier to stay in touch, and more likely to walk into each other randomly.”

How would you say EBS has affected your life?

“Before EBS I had never imagined myself in the bar industry. Today it’s such a big part of my life, it’s hard for me to imagine, what my life would be like, if I hadn’t gone to Kos with EBS. Through EBS, and the experiences I have had afterwards, thanks to EBS, I have met so many great people.”

Anything you would like to say to our students?

“Hahaha, come to the Saloon! It’s a blast, and just the right place to unwind once you get of the slopes. Otherwise, see YOU on the mountains!”