In 2017, female bartenders are a normality, but bartending can often be seen as a “man’s world”. This is far from the truth!

Today the spotlight is on Kristina Virinda, a graduate of #EBSPhuket and a female bartender who is taking her skills to the next level in Bali. Half Thai and half Norwegian, you’ll now find Kristina over in Bali, leading the way for female bartenders, and all bartenders for that matter!

Kristina Flairing

Where do I see myself in 5 years time?

As I am today, high on life!

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Kristina Virinda: Being A Female Bartender

Kristina and dog

My bartending career started right here with EBS. I never considered working as a bartender, but I needed a job with my studies and I remember that I wanted to earn as much as possible, in the least amount of time (because I was studying full time). So bartending made perfect sense.

In Norway, the bars and nightclubs are open mostly during the weekend, so it seemed like a good idea to work Fridays and Saturdays behind the bar. One day I Googled bartending and found EBS’s homepage and booked the 4-week bartending course. This was eight years ago in 2009. Back then EBS only had seven schools around the world. I was lucky to have some of Norway’s best teachers in flair, mixology and bartending such as Adam McDonald whose creativity has no limits and Steinar Jensen whose energy just got people going.

Kristina surf

I learned my first flair move at EBS, which was a hand stall. But then I could go several months without even touching a bottle. Finally, by the end of 2013, I decided that 2014 was going to be my year – doing what I love and competing abroad. So at the beginning of 2014, I started practicing as much as possible, every day and even during the night. Only diamonds can cut diamonds, right?

It might seem extreme, but I sacrificed my job and many friends to practice flair and become a successful female bartender. I set up a practice room with a mattress covered floor, which must sound familiar to those truly dedicated to flair.

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Flairing On The Other Side Of The World
Now, I live in Bali and a normal day in my life looks something like this: wake up, meditate, sunrise, surf, nap, flair, Muay Thai boxing, beach, sunset, home, rest, and repeat. It became natural for me to surf – and now I’m hooked!

For me, I always liked boards – skating, snowboarding etc. I grew up with this, so to be able to surf every day is truly a blessing. We get the chance see the sunrise/sunset from the ocean, sometimes get burned by the sun or jellyfishes, other times feel the pouring rain while waiting for a wave, grow skills, work out, have fun and feel alive!

I do freelance work as a model and I also do flair masterclasses and events around Asia. These range from private parties to big company events and weddings. Basically, these events can be anything from making cocktails for an hour to even a 10-hour long show! 

Being A Female Bartender
Kristina Virindi

It makes no difference whether you are a male or female bartender in this world. A professional or talented bartender is also a person with great integrity and devotion regardless of gender. 

For any female bartenders out there I would give you this advice, do it with love! That goes for anything you do in life.

Bartending really keeps you young at heart, and I’m not talking about the parties. I rarely drink, but I think you pretty much got the picture this blog and I can add that it has only affected me in positive ways – having the opportunity to travel, meet people, making friends and work around the world.

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