Calling all coffee lovers! Want to learn how to make top-notch, barista-style coffee at home? Maybe you’d like to develop your coffee-making skills so you can find work in a café and earn some extra cash? Or perhaps you’d like to start a career as a professional barista in a speciality coffee shop? Well, you’re in luck because at EBS, we’ve created two brand-new coffee courses so you can learn all about the art of barista.

We teamed up with two of the world’s most accomplished coffee connoisseurs, Dr. Andrej Godina and Fabio Milani, to create the most comprehensive coffee-making courses around:


Dr. Andrej Godina:
Not only does Andrej have a PhD in Science, Technology and Economics in the Coffee Industry (pretty impressive right?!), he’s a licensed trainer and master barista accredited by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). In 2015, he founded the Umami Area Association to spread the culture of quality coffee worldwide through global events and training courses. Not one for a quiet life, he’s also a coffee taster and consultant for coffee roasters and coffee machine companies!

Random coffee fact:
Did you coffee beans aren’t actually beans at all? They are in fact the seeds of the berries from the coffee plant?

Fabio Milani

Fabio Milani:
Italian Fabio is a coffee expert through and through. He’s been an international coffee expert for more than 10 years and has worked with some of the coffee industry’s biggest brands. Fabio is perhaps best known as the pioneer of coffee flair which brings the art of flair bartending to coffee-making. He has even appeared in a Costa Coffee advert showcasing his skills!

Along with Andrej and Fabio, we’ve been hard at work developing a 1-day Coffee Course and a 5-day Barista Course so you can discover the wonderful world of coffee, whatever your goal. You’ll learn from our expert instructors behind your very own barista station in our specially-designed training centers.

Not only will you be awarded with an EBS certificate, you also have the option of taking exams created by the prestigious Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) after your course and earn points towards their globally-recognised Coffee Skills Program. This is a great idea if you’d like to work abroad.

Both courses are suitable for beginners so no previous experience is required.

Coffee Course (1 day)

Want to learn how to make perfect coffee at home instead of spending all your money in the local coffee shop when your caffeine cravings strike?! Our Coffee Course is the perfect option.

During one jam-packed day, we’ll teach you the all the basic Italian coffee-making techniques and brewing methods so you can make perfect coffee from espressos to cappuccinos, time after time.

Find out everything you need to know about our Coffee Course (1 day).

Random coffee fact: Did you know that coffee dates all way back to 800 A.D.? According to legend, goat herders during the 9th century noticed their goats went crazy after eating the fruit of the Coffea plant. A local monk made a drink with the produce which kept him up all night long, and there you have it, coffee was born!

Barista Course (5 days)

The ideal course if you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of coffee. By the end of the course, you’ll be at the level of a capable and knowledgeable barista ready to work in a busy barista environment. It’s also a great refresher course for established baristas or those looking to set up their own coffee businesses.

During the five days, you will enjoy practical training sessions covering the proper use of equipment, producing foams, how to brew perfect coffee, latte art and lots more. You’ll even try your hand at coffee flair (which brings the art of flair bartending to coffee-making) as well as learn how to taste coffee like a pro.

Not only will you develop your barista skills, you’ll also have a truly unique experience filled with lots of great coffee, new friends and fun experiences. You’ll get to stay with your fellow coffee lovers (coursemates) in our specially-organised accommodation and our instructors do everything they can to make each and every session fun and engaging.

Discover more about our Barista Course (5 days).

Random coffee fact: Did you know that coffee was originally chewed, not sipped? Back in the day, African tribes would grind the berries, throw in some animal fat and make tiny caffeinated energy balls. The next coffee trend of 2019 perhaps?!

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